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Keep having dreams where my wife is

Keep having dreams where my wife is treating me horribly. Been happening for a few weeks but the two most recent: Dream hanging out in a room with two other younger cool guys. One starts telling me I don't deserve her, I put up with it as they're guests of my wife (work colleagues I feel in the dream) but I look to her to discredit their attack and she seems to want it to keep happening, I threaten violence and tell her if you believe their attack than why are we together and I give her an ultimatum to stop them or I will either kick their ass and/or why are we together if she feels this way. I say why don't we just give up and I say if you feel this way just take off your ring, all this us happening in front of the two guys who are egging her to do it. She fiddles with the ring but doesn't seem ready just yet to take it off. I grab one of the guys by the chest (although he's shirtless for some reason now), the main one who seems to love her, and I throw him across the room. His friend jumps in and I grab by the shirtless chest again and punch him repeatedly in the face. I then toss him aside and feel non threatened by both but start worrying that I'm now going to be kicked out if the country as I am Canadian (I am in real life) and just assaulted someone. The entire dream is very frustrating and I don't understand why my wife is acting so unloving and indifferent. She also seems younger in the dream the guys are younger and I'm my current age. 2nd dream just happened and I'm for some reason living with my wife (again younger like when I first met her) wife another man in my old basement suite of my parents house that I used to live (in real life) in before moving to college. In the dream the other man is a cool dj and I think he's really cool as well and I like him personally but I only act like I'm ok with this arrangement relationship to be with my wife. I see them together and I feel extremely sad less frustration. I eventually tell her that I can't do this anymore and that I love her and hope she would choose me but she doesn't and at this point she then begins to question everything about me that I in real life) think make me cool and desirable and that those don't really impress her. She even goes so far as to ask me if a business I started in college (real business that I stopped doing right before I met her) even happened. At this point there are now three other people witnessing this situation I'm shattered by my wife's lack of any love at all and indifference to me not wanting to be in this three way relationship anymore and I dial up a friend that (in real life and in the dream) can vouche for the business and hand the phone to her. He does but it doesn't change anything and I then notice my partner (in real life) who I started the business (and us a close friend in real life) is one of the people witnessing this and I lash out at her as she is agreeing with my wife on my lameness and I'm yelling at her in frustration as to why don't you have my back and why didn't you speak up when my wife questioned the existence of our company.

Last night I had a dream I

Last night I had a dream I found myself in a desert Called Cyberland It was hot My canteen had sprung a leak And I was thirsty Out of the abyss Walked a cow, Elsie I asked if she had Anything to drink She said, "I'm forbidden To produce milk In Cyberland, we only drink Diet Coke" She said, "Only thing to do Is jump over the moon" "They've closed everything Real down" "Like barns and troughs And performance spaces And replaced it all with lies And rules and virtual life But there is a way out" Leap of fate, leap of fate Leap of fate, leap of fate "Only thing to do Is jump over the moon I gotta get out of here It's like I'm being tied to the hood" "Of a yellow rental truck Being packed in With fertilizer and fuel oil" "Pushed over a cliff by A suicidal Mickey Mouse I've got to, got to, got to find a way" "To jump over the moon Only thing to do Is jump over the moon" Then a little bulldog entered His name we have learned Was Benny And although he once had principles He abandoned them To live as a lap dog To a wealthy daughter Of the Revolution "That's bull," he said "Ever since the cat Took up the fiddle That cow's been jumpy" "The dish and spoon Were evicted from the table and eloped She's had trouble with that milk And the moon ever since Maybe it's a female thing" "'Cause who'd want to leave Cyberland anyway? Walls ain't so bad The dish and the spoon for instance" "They were down on their luck Knocked on my doghouse door" I said, "Not in my backyard, utensils Go back to China" "The only way out is up" Elsie whispered to me "A leap of faith" "Still thirsty?" Parched, "Have some milk" I lowered myself beneath her And held my mouth To her swollen udder And sucked the sweetest milk I'd ever tasted "Climb on board", she said And as a harvest moon Rose over Cyberland We reared back We sprang into a gallop Leaping out of orbit I awoke singing Leap of fate, leap of fate Leap of fate, leap of fate Only thing to do Only thing to do is jump Only thing to do Is jump over the moon Only thing to do Is jump over the moon Over the moon, over the Moo, moo, moo Moo with me Come on sir, moo with me Moo, moo, moo, moo Thank you