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I was on a field trip with

I was on a field trip with a teacher and some students. We went to a big surfing beach, but I couldn't surf due to an injury. I was waxing a board when I saw a child who's skin was cracking. He was like a ghost. Only I could see him. Then I saw a dark haired woman who had razor blades for fingernails and stuck in her back. When I screamed they were gone and everyone said that it was just a broom I saw. The woman tried to kill me multiple times. It was like I had schizophrenia.

I'm pregnant currently and dreamed that I

I'm pregnant currently and dreamed that I was in an old-styled boxing ring. I'm in the left corner and very angry with whomever was in the right corner but they are invisible. Then, my baby appears in the center of the ring. Then, this black cloaked creature floats down and hovers over my baby. Then, it reaches out with long, boney fingers and long, pointed fingernails and touches my baby on the cheek. Then, it turns it's head toward me. It's skin was flesh-toned, wrinkly, bumby, and wet looking. It said "It's a girl." I felt no malice from it toward me or toward my baby but I felt like it was something that was supposed to be evil but for some reason wasn't for me and my baby. As soon as it said this, any fear I had for it and anger I had for the invisible person in the right corner faded away and all I felt was joy for my new baby girl. Then, I woke up feeling uneasy.