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I was travelling going to Rome in

I was travelling going to Rome in 1970's saw some Ancient Greek scriptures everyone, a lot of scattered diamond earrings. One child kept on putting needles on the fingers and inserting the diamonds like earrings then it pains me. In my dream, I can see a lot of past events, people who were dead and I can read and interpret what I'm seeing as well. I saw a past boyfriend who really meant so special to me hugging me and then gone. Then I rescued a child who's supposed to be sold over the internet for some paedophiles.

Boyfriend has left hand and some fingers

Boyfriend has left hand and some fingers of right hand severed, I am trying to get the severed limbs to him with the unlikely help of my step mother, we got to hospital only to realize we forgot the limbs and I had to go back to my mothers house to get a car to deliver the limbs when I got there my miner who should have been out of country had returned was supposedly trying to study and proceeded to pick a fight with me berating me for my choices and actions and telling me that it was not her fault my life was the way it was and saying how ungrateful I was. Eventually got to leaving and left with image of her relating to my step mother about how much she has done and how little is appreciated I told her I loved her and hope she knew that and left to deliver limbs. Woke up after that