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My husband and I were at my

My husband and I were at my parents place. There must have been a flood or bad rainstorm because the property across the street was flooded over 8ft on front yard. The house wasn't there, just the front yard. My husband decided he wanted to go swimming. He's a strong swimmer. So he and I went swimming in the front yard. I got tired after awhile so went back to my parents while my husband continue to swim. Next thing I knew my husband's sister was on one of those floating rings in the water. She looked younger than she actually is. She looked like a teenager, but in reality she is actually in her early 40s. She was wearing a flower print bikini. My husband was wearing red swim shorts, no shirt. After awhile my husband went under the water and didn't come up. My sister in law came swimming to us and told us he was gone and she couldn't find him. We all jumped in the water screaming for him. They told me to wait at my parents house. Eventually firefighters came and someone found him (but in my dream I didn't see any of that, just heard it). Someone told me that he was dead. I started screaming and screaming noooooo. I then woke up.

I was in some water. The water

I was in some water. The water was a clear greenish blue clear like water in the Bahamas. I was holding on to a large rock. There was a man there with me telling me to hold on and describing to me the depths of the water. The water would wash over the rocks as I held on but I felt safe even though I tell the Man in my dream that I could not swim good enough for that large body of water if I let go of the rock but the water rescinded and we all was walking on the wet sand looking at the beauty of the place we were at and the rocks then I was at a house where a couple was asking if I remembered calling them about getting the house and they asked me if I still was interested in getting the house and I remember hearing my Mom voice (she has past away) saying I think you should and as I walked around looking at the house in my mind I can remember really not liking it but telling the couple if my Husband and I decide to get it I will get back with them and then I suddenly was at like a Carnival or Field Day with my Grandkids one in particular that I have problems with her Mom being very cold and distant towards us She and her Mother was in my dream I was talking with my Granddaughter and then I seen myself holding hands with her Mom as she argued with someone and I was trying to calm her down as she walked away from the Carnival and then I walked through an exit where some Firefighters were standing as they rolled there hoses up and spoke to me as I exited, there's a little more of my dream but it got vague at that point