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The clouds were black and i was

The clouds were black and i was with my grade 2 class walking around the block from the school. I rushed to the other teacher and let her know we should go faster because of the dark clouds. Everyone rushed back to the school, but i was still there and the sun came out and was on the ground, so close and so big and bright and a loud noise started. Then bursts of light or flames came rushing toward me and my son so i picked him up and we sat on a vegetable cart behind us and i shielded my eyes and his because it was a solar eclipse.

Oh no Jess... Were you sleep walking?

Oh no Jess... Were you sleep walking? Mine is very strange.... You and I decided to have kid and we were living/working in a russian mining industry. You gave birth in the mine when there was a massive fire. Whilst our mining lives were burning down around us I had to perform a c-section. However once I delivered the baby it didn't look like one, more like a pair of blue gloves. Despite our odd looking glove baby I ran out of the flames with it to saftey. Not sure if you made it though...