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I am floating upward on my back

I am floating upward on my back in a brilliant blue space. I am weightless and I do not have to make any effort to rise. It is a delicious feeling. Then I notice a grey cloud like object in the distance. It floats closer and I see it is not a cloud but a large boulder. In spite of its weight it is floating too. I reach out my hand to touch it but it is rough and I find it repulsive. I continue to rise effortlessly in the blue space.

I was around the age of 6

I was around the age of 6 and in my old house in Brooke’s, I think that’s the town name. The house was decently large. My own room was quite big. In the dream, none of the lights inside were on it was very dark in fact and what I could see was either grayscaled or extremely dull in color. Of what I can remember I was running in my dream. In the dream itself, I didn't know what from. It starts in the kitchen from where I run up the stairs and into my dead-end room where I duck behind/or under my bed. For some reason I started eating beef jerky, I don’t know how it appeared or where I got it from but I was eating it. Then I vividly remember a floating skull with a red glowing outline come into my room, I believe that’s what I was running from, it said “I know you’re in here… I can smell the jerky.” and then I woke up.

A woman wearing white clothes floating in

A woman wearing white clothes floating in a wide river of black water screaming '' don't worry it is a blessing and children swimming in that river and was about to fall when reprimanding them