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I was holding a baby showing the

I was holding a baby showing the child off to people who were around me in what looked like a living room. Cradling the child in my arms I excused myself from the main room and walked through a hallway towards a bedroom. Josh was in the room with a few guys and they were playing video games and talking, just hanging out. I said something but I am unsure of what I said precisely. Josh looked at me, glanced at the child and replied with a nod. I left the room and then the scene switched. The child was a female, approximately seven years old, and she was running around at her birthday party. I was sad but I wasn’t given a clue as to the reason why I was sad. I just sat there on a bench outside staring down at the grass and only looking up to smile when the child would ask for me to look. I never was able to clearly look at her face. The scene switched. I was in a house, another party. I was holding a tray of mini sandwiches and talking to all the people who were there. Everyone seemed happy. Then I saw her. Same height as me, long red hair with streaks of black that she no doubt added herself, small petite frame with a round face, pale skin, freckles. She resembled both me and Josh. She was beautiful and she was mine. I put my arms around her and kissed her cheek. She said to me, “Mom, it’s ok, I love you!” I pulled away and looked at her. So gorgeous. Then it hit me. Josh was not here nor had he been for a long time. He was gone. It was never made clear why he wasn’t present anymore.

I was in an airport and I

I was in an airport and I realized that I forgot to purchase a ticket for my flight that leaves at 9:30. My destination was New York for New Years. I clearly distressed and running around the airport. I come to a cashier and buy a ticket for the 9:30 flight and he tells me that its 9:20. He then nods his head toward a very long line of people in which I have to get into, in order to print the ticket I just bought. I was feeling hopeless but still went to the back of the line. There I met a young woman about my age who was aslo late for her flight. She seemed be perfect. She had shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, white complextion, a few freckles on her face, and a daisy in her hair. I can't remember all of what we talked about. I remember her saying she lived in Austin, TX with her aunt and remember feeling that she was an extremly sweet girl. At this point I start looking around for other printers where I can print my ticket. I knew that if I left to try and find a printer I might risk losing my spot in the line i was already in. I left anyway, but I couldn't find another printer so I went back hoping no one else got in line. Sure enough I returned and there were ten more people in line. I was hoping however that the sweet girl would let me cut behind her to get my spot back. To my suprise I saw her at the back of the line. I went up to her and asked her why she went to the back of the line. She told "Because I was waiting for you" At this moment It was as if she lifted all the distress I just had. I was full of joy and was at peace. Missing my flight no longer mattered. I don't remember when but somewhere in the dream I remember seeing an image of her hand or a hand with an engagement ring on it. I woke feeling very happy but also very curious about the dream. I have my own theories about the dreams but am intrested to see what others think.