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I knew my son was kidnapped and

I knew my son was kidnapped and I went to a house and a lady with blonde hair answered the door she let me in i saw my son briefly in a bedroom and someone was pulling him back so i could not see him. I eventually started searching the room he was not in it, then i ended up in a shower room that had white and green tiles but he was not there, then i went down dark staircase to a dark and scary basement that had an old furnace i could see the fire and flames, I was scared but brave enough to keep looking for my son. then i came into a room with a bed in the wall i pulled the bed down and saw 2 sleeping bags rolled up and tied then i saw my sons shoes i began to untie the sleeping bag and my son was in it passed out but still breathing , I carried him over my shoulder and started to search for the way out I came to a door and many female girls of all ages were blocking the door i felt trapped