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I had a dream Travis R. that

I had a dream Travis R. that took me on a date. We went on a train (Kalie came with us) to Joey Graceffa's house. We went in and saw Gabby there (Gabrielle Eisterhold). Joey still had his Christmas tree up with a few ornaments on it. I asked for a picture with Joey. Then, we explored awhile while Joey was outside doing something (idk what). Meanwhile, I took a lot of selfies in his house (Lol). When he came back in, we ate some kind of pasta stuff (I forgot what exactly it was). Then we left and went by train to Ellen Degeneres' house. I remember that the inside of her house looked similar to ours (stairs were in same place, living room, kitchen, etc). All I remember next is that we went by train back home. The next day of school, Travis told everyone about it at soccer. I was watching them play. Everyone was amazed. {then I woke up} •Small details: my toenails were painted red, silver, & blue. Train number was 800.

wellllll it was like the walking dead

wellllll it was like the walking dead and I was with my bro, Alex, Derek, and josh, and we were like stuck in Robby's room (at my dads) and zombies kept pushing on the door and it was really scary. okay so then it's like a New Year's Eve party and brae is helping me get ready for it and for some reason the only people I invited were my new school friends and brae and will. and Gabrielle started flirting with you and then y'all were a thing and yeah. that's it and I was mad cause she's a bitch