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It was night time I was staying

It was night time I was staying at a school. I smoked weed with a group of older people in the football field. There was a shed in the back of the school with fireworks in a barrel next to it. I hid some fireworks in the shed while smoking a cigarette. The sun starts rising and I see a man pretending to dress as a firefighter. He starts pouring gasoline out of a gas tank all across the backside of the school. And lights it on fire. The fore was put out and the man was arrested. Later on after it's already turned day I meet two children at the front of the school. Little girl named Abigail with brown curly hair and big brown eyes and a round face. They were playing on a catapult. I smoke a cigarette and leave the school

I had a dream where I was

I had a dream where I was at a restaurant with my parents, and there was extremely loud music that seemed to have bothered everybody. Aside from that, I had looked outside and noticed a group of small schoolchildren, not toddlers, but, big enough to understand the difference between right and wrong. I saw that they were lighting trees on fire, and I had immediately rushed to put them out. I then looked over, and saw a smaller group of kids go with one tall boy that held a gas canister. The children ran away screaming, and I ran over to examine the scene. I couldn't see a fire, but, I saw a traffic cone there, surrounded by police tape. I lifted the cone up, and underneath, was a cup of water. I saw the tall figure, and quickly became annoyed by him. I tried to splash him with my bucket of water, but, then I realized that it was gasoline. I also shouted how if he messes up in any form, he would be set ablaze. I saw that he had a smart fire already growing on his blue shirt, and he tried to remove it. I turned away from it and heard an agonizing scream. Which then afterwards, I received a text message that said he would need healing because, "his skin was melted off." Eventually, I remember being in a cramped hotel room, trying to escape something that was knocking at my door. I sluggishly ran towards a few doors, closing them behind me, and hiding inside of a closed closet.

I was in this house I never

I was in this house I never seen before. Me and two of my friends were in the basement of the house staying there for a week. We were all asleep when we awoke to some loud banging. We looked around the basement room and there was a spirit digging through our stuff. It noticed us awake and starting throwing things at us and then came after us to attack. We quickly ran up the stairs to get out of the basement. Time seemed to skip forward. We realized we forgot all our stuff down in the basement so me and one of my friends decided to make our way down there to get it. When we went down the stairs we noticed in one corner everything started falling apart. We went to the room we had been staying in and all our stuff was destroyed. We started to hear scratches and thumps so we quickly decided to go back upstairs. When we were going up we saw that the stairs were starting to fall apart. Later someone showed up and we decided to go down to the basement once again to make peace with the ghost. We went down there and everything was almost completely destroyed. We walked around to find the ghost and then we decided if we didn't leave we wouldn't be able to get up the stairs. We made our way back up the stairs and as we did I saw a floating match make it's way to a tank of gasoline. Suddenly I was alone so I sprinted up the stairs and made my way outside. The house blew up once I was out.