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Ok so I had the dream twice

Ok so I had the dream twice over three days - so one day between them. The dream starts with me in my bed, then my housemate Niko calls me from his room downstairs and asks for my help. I go down to his room and he says he needs help translating something. I go into his room and trees a Canada goose - the beautiful black and white ones - on the floor by his bed. Suddenly I am transported and find myself in a forest in winter. It's very bleak and flat - everything is covered in thick white snow. The trees are talk and thin and black - almost like birches but black and very tall. They form two thick rows with an avenue in between them. I am standing outside the trees and everything else around me is tundra. Snow is falling, but lightly floating, very gentle. The sky is grey and it's hard to see the distinction between ground and sky. There is no sound at all. I'm looking around and up in the air and I see a Canada goose fly overhead - as it's flying I hear its' wings, but instead of making the sound of wings they make the sound of branches cracking under someone's feet, as if someone was walking on the forest floor. It's echoing like sound does on snow in a large area - muffled but echoing and big. More and more geese start flying over and eventually there's a giant flock of them flying overhead and the sound becomes overwhelming. And that's basically the whole dream! In the dream I move between seeing myself and seeing from my own point of view - for example I see myself in my pajamas when I am in my flat but in the forest I mainly see my arms and body - I'm wearing a brown winter coat I own, basically the only colour in that scenario. I do occasionally see my own face looking up at the birds.