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I was working at a convenience/dollar store

I was working at a convenience/dollar store like Dollar Tree. Mark came in and began to harass me. He was mad because he wanted Gigi. He would do a sort of cycle: come inside, pester me, leave, return, repeat. Finally fed up I took him by the neck and escorted him to the front of the store. Before I reached the manager I released him and pretended I never touched him. I explained to the manager what happened, leaving out the part about my assault and battery of a customer, and that I wanted to file a report. Without even hearing my story or meeting Mark they seemed to take his side almost immediately. Sad and angry I went back to work. Later on Mark returned. This time he followed me around the store. As I was walking away and trying to ignore him he ran up beside me, swearing. I saw that he had a kitchen knife. I became afraid. He grabbed my arm and I tried to remove the knife. But I was unsuccessful. He inflicted several cuts before I was able to remove the blade from his hand. At that exact moment a cop approached us. Believing I had inflicted the wounds on myself, the cop was going to take me to a psych ward. Terrified, I ran out of the store I was working at and into a large grocery store that was dimly lit and appeared abandoned. I ran until I reached the entrance to a secret strip club in the back; my plan was to run through here and find an exit that led out to a back alley. The two women who headlined in this private grocery store gentleman's club were somehow personal friends of mine. They were middle-aged black women who looked like long time drug users, and one of them I owed money

I was riding in a brand new

I was riding in a brand new subway car. When I got to my destination, I heard my sister's voice, she was talking to a token booth clerk. I said hi to her. I asked the token booth clerk what train I can get to my destination and he told me 7C. On going to get the 7C train I saw my sister on a park bench with two babies and a gentleman. She told me that the gentleman was her boss's brother. I was lost but got to my destination eventually.

I was looking for a place that

I was looking for a place that I had found before, and while I was riding my bike to get there, as I turned the corner something hit my right eye causing much pain while blurning and tears filling that right eye. As I kept pedaling I had to pull into a gas station to try and clean my right eye. A gentleman, a black man, asked if he could drive me to a nearby hospital and although I said no at first, he insisted all the while being very concerned, proceeded to put my bike in his car. Before I could get in, I found myself riding my bike following him. I could hear him say, just follow me, and I began to follow him. He began driving very fast and I couldn't keep up. My right eye continued to burn and fill with tears. I awoke with a burning sensation in my right eye along with tears!

I was on a bus and a

I was on a bus and a distinguished indian gentleman had a placard with my name on it

I was laying in my bed with

I was laying in my bed with an unknown lover. It was very peaceful. He was handsome and a gentleman.

We were in an antique/lavish/British style school

We were in an antique/lavish/British style school wth ornate wood walls and doors and decor. I saw the redhead and some others looking for others (out coworkers) but I had my lookout or rather, was on the lookout for you. I finally spotted you with a white-haired, tall, rather distinguished looking gentleman (he looked 'smart') and you and he went into the wrong door and I pulled your hand to lead you into the right door, where I was also headed. You pulled away from me, as you gestured toward the man with whom you had been laughing and said, 'Alex.' Then, I woke up....

Making it the responsibility in the man

Making it the responsibility in the man or woman currently being slandered through unsubstantiated should certainly disprove them? I'd personally claim that Steve Kass features wicked flying apes dwelling interior his pursue, plus it could be the obligation to endure an unpleasant community anal examination to help disprove the promise. That is a video game liberals adore to enjoy, since their particular press lapdogs can make what ever promise they really want on page one along with printing a new a static correction on page 04 (if from all). Even when you include nothing on the gentleman, these kind of unsubstantiated effects merely provide you with and the ones as if you possibilities to publicise smears. You know that that can compare with to those statements, but you use them to kill every one of the adversaries of your respective idea of "the increased very good. " But I am certain that you'll be annoyed through the demands with regard to Obama to discharge his / her college or university transcripts or perhaps the accomplish their promises in relation to government visibility. doudoune canada goose

I am in my house with a

I am in my house with a suspicious gentleman whom I am asking questions to about someone whom I love for and care for like a husband. The gentleman is saying that he doesn't know if the person whom I love is seeing someone that is a girlfriend or just a friend and seems confused when speaking to me. Then, the gentleman says that he is messaging the man I love and the message seems like the man I love is seeing someone else and wants nothing to do with me. Then, A church bus, or traveler bus comes with all kinds of church people and leaves after I speak to a gentleman from church. I come back in the house and the suspicious gentleman is still in my house. I get very upset with a lot of tension because of the conversation of the man I love seeing someone else from church and start to throw things violently in my room.

After a business disappointment, went to analyst

After a business disappointment, went to analyst for help could not pay,her name was susan boot she became aggressive and also other members. i was held captive by the sect ,she disappeared, i was released by the foreman before leaving i saw a gentleman about to make a speech to the sect. when i was leaving i phoned my mother. i got into a small car of one of the younger members, the door would not shut properly. we drove towards the station then we took pictures of the sky looking beautiful and dangerous. he was not allowed to listen to any modern music after he joining the sect only what he owned before. he told me gentleman belonged to another more pure sect, i could not explain to my mother when i got home, then with help of a lovely walking stick went up the stairs of my father`s old bar and saw my sister tidy up she never tidies up.