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My family and I riding on a

My family and I riding on a bus and gets pulled over by cop. Freaking out cause we don't want any trouble. Stand on the side of a road in a big city. Gypsies come out of a building speaking little English. They point at my dress and hair and say they like it. I point at a gypsies hair of dreads and say I like them and show her my dreads. I have beads on my dreads. I turn around and no one is there but a couple of other people from the bus and I'm holding a much younger version of my daughter. I look at the side of a trash can, and see Seoul city and that's where I am. Go across the street with the other people from bus and see and alley we can cut through. We see a man with half a blue face digging through trash and try to find our way out since he's about to attack us. Go to run and get lost between 100 story buildings and now I am in a maze of 1 room apartments with dangerous people. Find a room with a window and I step on a squeaky toy and a guy comes to hurt me and my daughter. Another man shows up and tazes him so I push my daughter out the window then myself, jump a fence and am in green patures.

I can't get home and I call

I can't get home and I call my husband and he takes a long time to get there. He finally does and we have to get my car out of a very dark parking lot . I am sitting in the dark with people I don't know and can't see and two wild kittens. My husband finally finds my car and we have to pay to get it out. He pushes a bunch of cars out of the way he gives me the keys and he goes home. I start driving and I get lost and then I find I am drunk. I try to get help but I fall down a hole that get so narrow I get stuck. I call for help and then I woke up.

I am in a car parked hanging

I am in a car parked hanging out with a guy that's just my friend, and I don't want to be more than just friends with him. He kissed me when I'm not looking and it caughts me by surprise. Then he drops me off In front of my house. For some reason I need to get home right away or my mom will get mad, that's what I'm thinking. I try to run but I'm going so slow suddenly I'm running in 4 legs trying to go faster but I'm still going so slow. I get lost when I know my way home but i still get lost. I find friends who try to help me get home but I never really get there.


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