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I was due to meet my husband

I was due to meet my husband at school at 2pm for the school play and was going to be late. I rang him and asked him to pick me up but he didn't want to so I said u would walk. I started my journey and reached really steep hill wil grass on it in places and thought I won't be able to get up it but then tried and tried and suddenly was able to do it - I reached the top and felt this great achievement. It was qute Sunni too at the top. On the journey I was carrying my cat who kept jumping out if my arms and running actois the road toward oncoming traffic. I caught him and went inside a shop and seemed to know the lady. We chatted and suddenly aperson with adog came in and I was afraid for the for the cat- we hid in the back room- the cat turned in my baby and I was trying to ge thin to sleep. My dead ginger cat was also in the dream at sine point and I believed he had come back to life to see me. I also dreamed about having my period during the dream. I reached the school at some point and people were dressed up in costumes. At some point in the dream I felt unsure if my surroundings and didn't know which way to go to get home during part of the dream a woman in a shop was trying to sell me aprons.