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I met this girl in my dream.

I met this girl in my dream. In reality, she was the girl I wanted to be with. She liked me but the the problem was she already had a boyfriend and we live in two different countries. So she decided that she wanted to be faithful to her boyfriend and that we should stop talking. The dream starts off by meeting her at a Beach back in my hometown. I lived in an island. Then we started talking and got to the point where we were kissing and then all of a sudden she backed out saying that I should stay away from her. So I literally let her go and went back to the ocean with her friends. A few minutes later, I went to the beach because my friends were there. I started shouting loud for the purpose of getting her attention as well. Then her friends approached me and looked at me because they've never seen me before but only heard of me. Then they made comments about my appearance then eventually approved and went back to her. I'm not sure if it actually happened but I planned on bringing them along just me her and her friends all over the island to show then around. Later on, when everyone was ready to go home. I wanted to drop my parents home first since we have only one car. But I realized that I haven't told her and her friends my plans so I went to search for them at the hotel. I couldn't find them but I found a bowling alley since I remembered she said she's gone bowling with her friends before. I went in only to find out she's not there. I found a coworker there and asked her about her new job and I asked if she likes it or misses her old job. I told her I missed her and that she should go back to her job but she said no. That's all I remembered from the story.

Dream: A young girl (Me) I was the

Dream: A young girl (Me) I was the girl I wanted to be in the dream. Young, beautiful, thin, liked, loveable.... I met a guy who I liked, he took me home and I had an instant connection with his Dad, I fell in love with him. His son had no idea. Hhis father said he felt the same way and we planned to have a love affair. However he bought another girl home. So I wanted to leave this house, that was in the middle of no where but the dad was angry and didn't want me to leave as he was sorry and wanted to make it up to me. Anyway, I escaped and ended up on a gypsy camp, that seemed to be dangerous. I met a guy who offered to help me get home. Wes started of motor bikes but ended up on push bikes, I don't know why. The dad, son and his friends catch up with us, but we trick them and loose a couple apart from the dad and some of the sons friends. I fall of the bike and the dad catches up with me. He holds me gently in his arms which makes my whole body tense. I've hurt my lower back and the dad appears worried. The sons friends hear us talk and a become angry at the dad. Then I woke up...