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I had a dream about Adrian and

I had a dream about Adrian and I were at Ross or somewhere, he was flirting with one or two people. He took a picture and it looked weird, couldn’t put my finger to it. I had asked him when he approached me, but I felt weirded out. He got so defensive, made a scene and we yelled back and forth at each other. i also made a friend, she was young and a part of me is like im familiar with this girl, i even got her number and honestly girls approached Adrian , telling him bye and i was so pissed. Adrian could tell and he stormed out because he didn’t like what im asking him or accusing him but it’s clearly obvious. he was entertaining all of that, who knows what he does when im not around. I asked god to give me a sign last night, the same way my mom asked god to give her a sign about my dad cheating. was this a little while ago? maybe that’s why he’s having severe back and hip pain, is it karma in a way? He’s deceived me before, more than once. Did acts of cheating and I caught him more than once. what does this all mean?

I had a dream about I'm studying

I had a dream about I'm studying college somewhere in the college my School friends also there. In that class I'm the silent girl moreover I was sit at first bench in the class. I was late joine however I got one friend who have a handsome, cute , loyal man. He have a lot of girls fan but he only want to friendship with me. One day he proposed me and I'm accept his proposal. One day so many rumours about his I got my some people. He was trying to convince me to said that this is was rumour but I'm not ready to know that it is. We all travel at the bus he was sit behind me. I'm looking him both know well but I'm in anger. At the time we where sit at the bus some people tell me about him that rumours on that time I look at him moreover asking him in my eyes he said no then I talk with him. Then I'm side with him then talk with him on his ears. I'm eating chicken and asking him do you want he said no i don't eat sometimes only I eat that you eat my dear. Then I'm eating food he was sighting me. Then in he drop at our college front gate. At the time girls trying to talk with him but he doesn't mind those people who try to impress him. He is familiar man but only want me. He doesn't mind others who try to impress

I was at a family gathering when

I was at a family gathering when i noticed something off, suddenly my dad and i move to this one room wooden shack and i was happy. At that place i met for people three girls, one boy. One of the girls became my best friend and was very nice. The boy who had no face never really talked to me but somehow i knew he was an asian boy, nighttime arrived and i still felt strange , i followed some guys and found that they were hiding a long pole tgat said 12v all around and so i took it, but the faceless asian boy caught me and we both went to hide this pole at a b3ach in the sand . We went back to my house where i found out my dad lied to me , the house had two stories. The boy was outside and my best friend, shr found pics that i took of them ever since i arrived. I left the house and went to the beach, took the pole and started to walk around all randomly, in the end the asian boy found me and confessed he likes me and hugged me, then he told me my knees where in between his leg and we laughed it off

I was in the car with my

I was in the car with my cousins. We pulled up on this elementary school first thing I said was this is the school mia, one of daughters was supposed to go to. For some reason some kid came up to the car and threatening my cousin so I hoppedou to defend her . I began to walk through the school and thewh whole time I was in defense mode I began to blurt out threats and let everyone one know that I wasn't the one to mess with As if I had a point to prove. As I was leaving ou of the school two small little girls began to talk to me at the same time as if they were trying to warn me of something but I couldn hear them and don't remember what they said

I saw that i am a very

I saw that i am a very fast runner. I was running around my village where i saw a family going to a girls house to marry their boy. but the girl refuses to marry thay boy and came to meet the family. the boy's father kills the girl and puts the blame of rape nad killing the girl on me. ithe girl is from my village and the father brings the dead body to the village. i try to run from the village with a back pack and go to a grocery shop for supplies. but while i am there the boy's father come there with some people to find me. but the shopkeeper and some village boys of my age help me hiding and then escaping from the village . i start running and reach an old area of my nearby city. there i saw a famous tomb of the city. then i celled a colleague and discuss the matter. i wanted to ask some money from him but then i did not ask and cut the call. i was thinking if police would track my lication and charging my phone. i decide to spend the night in the tomb. but before doing that i decide to have some food. so i went to a restaurant and order some food. they give me some starter and while eating i feetl full but still decided to eat so i wont feel hungry at night. there one boy was talking about sending his wife abroad for higher education.

I was at an athletics meet and

I was at an athletics meet and this crowd dancing formation thing happens where we are in lines, dancing and moving across the field. Then some lady tells me to tie my hair up and "where are your parents you need to tie that up" and i say no a few times and "what is the reason?". Then I go to my parents in the warmup area and my old friend's mum (I'm seeing the friend soon in real life) is there but she seems to ignore me a bit. I'm debating when to warm up. Suddenly I see a shop, two of my favourite jewellery shops mixed together and go in with mum but the stuff is all really bad and weird and expensive and it seems more like a reject shop. As I walk out I hear the lady speaking Indonesian to some man. When mum meets me outside she bought a baby with star eyes for $90 that the lady convinced her to buy so I express my disapproval of the baby and she returns it. Then I see my old taekwondo friend makayla and these two random girls tell me to follow them and I sit on the bench with them. They tell me this boy likes me and they saw my old coach and asked him about it. Then this police car smashes into the back of the chair, the chair is lifted up but we are all fine.

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Dream Interpreter AI Logo Dream Interpreter AI™ Interpret | Art | Map | Login Please login and verify your email to continue using Dream Interpreter AI Enter your email I would like to receive marketing updates from Dream Interpreter AI Submit 13/12/2023 I saw a girl who was sitting with what looked like other girls and she asked for my phone number and I agreed to give it to her and I was asked to put it on paper and afterwards we became close because I had my hand over her shoulder and after that I went to a shop from my hometown and I bought snacks and food for preparation for something and after that I checked for the time on my phone and it was 9pm something

It was a magical dream. There was

It was a magical dream. There was a wizard who tried to put some negative energies in my room when I went to sleep but I unknowingly escaped them . Somehow four of us(friends) got to know his real identity and we set out to catch him. There were two boys and two girls. One of the boys had power of flying and he could help others fly if they held up a photoframe. We flew through the city. There were some kids who waved at me. We reached his shady place. He had a smirk on his face and tried to harm us but mother saved all of us. Mother and wizard were fighting magical fight with powers. All of his power was in his tv. So we broke it with the remote.