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I dreamt I was somewhere at sea,

I dreamt I was somewhere at sea, in a battle but I don't know what for. after that unclear scene, I recall meeting an unknown girl whom I was intensely attracted to, for reason I still can't describe. somehow we later had a sexual affair, but was interrupted by my real life girlfriend. I quickly rushed to see her and things seemed tense between us for some unknown reason. as soon as I returned to the other girl she was gone. I searched for her, around and at sea. when awoke, it felt like I searched for her all around the world and was on the verge of giving up.

i was at a bar with my

i was at a bar with my friends , then we left that place and went to a another bar next to it where some strange people were playing music . we started to dance and time passed we had to leave because it was getting late and we had to go home . in the middle of my way home i realized i didnt have my shoes on , i had to go back and get them. i called one of my friends to come with me ad to the others to wait there , after a few mins i realized i was alone and i was going through an unknown road , i saw people staring strangely at me i walked and walked then i gave up and decided to go back home without my shoes . wind started to blow i opened my arm and a diamond in shape of a bear stuck in my hand , i hold it in my hand like it was sth normal and kept moving on but this time going through another unknown road . entered a house opened the door and a little girl wich i didnt see before run to me and hug me , them my mum appeared and told me " see i told you you will find them and they gave me this diamond bear for u " i looked my feet and i had my shoes on , my mum was holding a diamond bear exactly the same as mine . i turned around and i looked my sister laying in a sofa . my mum said " they told me i should be very proud of u for being brave and not giving up "

my girlfriend kissed another man in front

my girlfriend kissed another man in front of me. We were in the same classroom together, and the guy got up with a mic and began to sing a love song, he sounded horrible I might add and the class began to laug then he made his way over to where my girlfriend was sitting and she got up before he even got there and began to kiss passionately and that shocked everyone becus they knew she was my girl and they began looking at me as though they can't believe she's actually doing it infront of me. When I came over and interrupted the session we had a confrontation and then she told me she's not giving up on me so easy and we began making out passionately also and then I woke up. What does this wierd dream mean?

I was in an older school, knowing

I was in an older school, knowing i was studying massage therapy, what I graduated for. I searched and searched for my black back pack, through old lockers, in closets and amongst the dozens of black bags I couldn't find mine. After giving up I then go to my mothers old house where I wait for my step dad to pick me up for work and decide that because I'm unprepared for school I will just quit. I knew I had to be at work by 10:30 and my step dad was supposed to pick me up by 10. He is late.


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