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It was mainly me watching a movie

It was mainly me watching a movie or something of some sort with someone I couldn’t quite decipher and in the movie there was this teleportation thing and so when I was hanging out with friends later (this was at night) the friends and I were going to have a picnic at the lake near by where i guess we grew up but something had happened to where the lake was almost poisoned and smelled like cow poop, and the smell was like magic and it made everyone wanna fight each other and in the end the last few living of us teleported to some golf course all clean and everything and then I got a text from my mom saying my knee was bad and I couldn’t act and the list of 4 new medications, then it was revealed one was for eating more... I cried and my friends went home and I went to a friends home to grieve over her loss but there she was cleaning her room, Turns our everyone we thought was dead was fine

my dream started with a man inside

my dream started with a man inside a window like structure.. there was no wall nothingness around him (kinda like when you close your eyes and you still see something but its nothing) I got closer I seen the mans face he had long hair and a long beard.. (I don't know, pretty funny but looked like jesus) he handed me a long necklace It had huge beads (a little under golf ball size) they were a goldish yellow very beautiful color at the end was a medallion. I don't remember exactly what it looked like but it was the same color as the beads huge circle and I believe it kinda looked like the sun flames around but the inside... hollow..? or a dreamcatcher..? cant quite remember I was to busy looking at the beads and length... I felt protection and love!! I looked all over and cannot find anything to interpret it

My best friend and I are child

My best friend and I are child spies. Our work is classified. One day, we are kidnapped. My dad is at a golf tournament when he finds out, when suddenly he sees a rainbow glittery cart path. He follows it for miles, thinking it was a sign that will lead him to me. Meanwhile, my friend and I escape by stealing a car and driving without a license. The police are on our trail. We make it to her house. I am inside with her mom, she is outside with her siblings and dad. The police surround the house. We know there is no chance of escape.


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