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My grandpa passed away a couple of

My grandpa passed away a couple of months ago. In my dream, all of my family were at my grandma's (his wife) house and suddenly I saw my grandpa in the kitchen, somehow I knew he was not alive in my dream so I turned to my grandma in tears and told her that I see him, I got up and we hugged, he had a huge smile on his face, one of those smiles that seem like you cannot get rid of, he was incredibly happy and it was visible, he went to the bathroom and I heard voices of coughing, it made sense because he passed away from a lung disease, when he got out of the bathroom my grandma saw my grandpa too, my grandma told my grandpa that he looks great and they both smiled at each other, once again, they both smiled very happy smiles, then my grandma my grandpa and me sat outside together.

Greetings MOG I had a weird dream

Greetings MOG I had a weird dream I dreamt when was at my Mai guru's place, like l usually be home alone l thought l was alone at home, l got out of the out to do my morning chores like watering the garden and flowers, l went out for more than 5 hours when l came back l found out that l didn't close the door and chicken layers we in the house they made a mess everywhere. I removed them outside and thought of cleaning the mess before anyone comes at home when l went to the bathroom l saw a naked lady on floor like she is dead l ran outside to seek help l found a topless man outside and told him to help me out what l saw in the bathroom when we got there l realized that it was my Mai Guru on the floor skin, thin and very weak, when that man woke her up she asked me to give her food like a small sadza. Since l busy l had not cooked anything then l woke up and prayed for some time. What does this mean

First, I was driving on the phone

First, I was driving on the phone with my boyfriend then I got into a car accident. I tried to call my mom. I tried to call my dad, they didn't pick up. My boyfriend came and got me and I took my car to uncle's car shop. My cousin called and said she needed me to come get her so, I asked my boyfriend if it was play and he said yea. So, we went and got her and then we went to my aunt's house to see our little cousins. After awhile, it was late so we left. My boyfriend took me home and I was talking to my mom and explained all that happened and she said she would handle my car and told me "You should go with your boyfriend" so, I said okay and me and my cousin got back into his car. We went and dropped my cousin off and then went to his friends house where I met his friends, One girl seemed to have a problem with me and went to tell my boyfriend something then he got upset then, she came back to me being rude and I said I was ready to go. So, we left got to his house and went to sleep. The next morning he said his friends wanted to go to a pumpkin patch so we put on matching outfits then we left, while we were at the pumpkin patch the same rude girl kept flirting with him which I thought was disrespectful so, I told her I wanted to fight. Then we left the pumpkin patch and went somewhere where we could fight and we fought. The other girl stopped us and I looked at my boyfriends friend and his hair was dissappearing then he had the oxygen tubes in his nose and said "I have cancer" so I rushed and helped him to the car and was trying to get my boyfriend to come on but it was like he couldn't hear me. Then his friend with cancer started to drive the car himself so he could get to the hospital and I tried to stop him but it didn't work. Then everybody came over asking what happened and we all got in the car trying to follow him to the hospital but on our way we saw my boyfriend's car crashed in to a tree and I got out and ran to the car then I woke up

My g/f died in a car accident.

My g/f died in a car accident. Not my real-life g/f but a stranger, resembling someone whom I was involved with many years ago. I was driving my car in bumper-to-bumper traffic - it seemed to be in the U.s. (I am living in Thailand and engaged to a Thai woman) and traffic was moving very slowly. I saw my g/f come rushing towards me, from the front,all joyful and happy. I yelled at her, or wanted to yell at her, to get the F' in the car, out of the dangerous traffic. Then she was gone. Run down. I got out out my car and looked for her on my knees, desparately hoping she was alive and making a drama.

I was at a halloween party and

I was at a halloween party and everyday had a costume on. I had a captain America costume on .I went there with a girl I don’t recognize but we stayed till the end of the party and I went to open the door and I see someone in a ghost face costume start attacking me with a knife. I used my shield to blocked the slashes and then I run out the room and start using Spider webs and start swinging around a mall. And then I saw myself in third person seeing my myself run away from that person. At the end I got out of there.

So I dreamed that I was getting

So I dreamed that I was getting ready to go to a party, for some reason I even "packed" for it and left home. When I got there, I heard that many people had left and when I went upstairs, the whole floor was glowing red. 6-7 elderly men were sitting right by the stairs, they looked dark and were drinking. When I passed by, there was a huge mattress on the floor behind them, and a dozen people were lying on it. I stood next to them and looked at them and suddenly my boyfriend appeared who was lying on the mattress all the time, he was covered for a short time but I saw that he was naked together with all the people who were lying there. I recognized the girl he was with and started to argue with the boy, but he didn't seem to care, he didn't care. Crying, I started to pack and leave that place. When I got out, I was relieved, I started to go back to some small "island" surrounded by a lake, I associate it with my cottage on the lake that I have. When I swam across the water and climbed to the island, I saw 5 "guards" walking around it and it was much easier for me, I felt like I knew that they were watching over me and waiting for me to come back. Then I threw all those things I was carrying, that "burden" on the ground because I knew I was safe together with those bags I was carrying. As soon as I threw that load on the ground, I suddenly flew towards "my" house, which was not far from there. In the end, I tried to enter the house through the window on the second floor, which was open, but its blinds were too low, so I entered the terrace door, which was also open, but the blinds were raised higher, all this while I was flying .... When I woke up, I thought about that dream, how I felt safe, confident and happy when I left my boyfriend and came to my "home", which looked like a fantasy, along with the island it was on.

Dreaming of a puff adder snake around

Dreaming of a puff adder snake around my legs in my childhood house and my childhood bedroom, but I used my hands to uncoil the snake from around my legs, and it didn't strike at me, it didn't resist, it seemed sleepy, I left it there, I didn't kill it and I got out of the house

I just had the worst dream of

I just had the worst dream of being sent to some jacked up military like school that brainwashes people and with sadistic instructors and ruthless guards that will do anything to ensure no one rebels wether it is right or wrong . The facility also happens to be underneath some large department store. It was just impossible attempting to get out and the reason I was sent there was because someone got the paperwork messed up and the only way i got out was because someone who was also stuck there happened to be some jedi with mind tricks. The guards and instructors were like dressed in all gray or black with black coveralls similar to what imperial officers wore

I was in some kind of event

I was in some kind of event that looks more like an award ceremony. I was with the school and before the event started we all were playing and as soon as the event started we all grabbed chairs and I was placed in the front because I was given a big position. I was placed next to a man and the man started touching my hand in a very uncomfortable way. The event started and one of my old friend was ordained or something of that sort and a crown was placed on her head. As soon as that happened the man next to me kidnapped me and my old friend after her ordination. We got scared and we were trapped but i found a friend and told her to inform my parents and teachers the place we were in and then our teachers came and rescued us but as soon as we got out one of my close friends suicides too.

It was a rainy day and my

It was a rainy day and my wife and I saw my mother in law walking on the sidewalk with her grocery cart, my wife saw her and told me to pull over and I did. As my mother in law was about to get in the car she noticed a pack of tortillas in the middle of the road so she went over with her cart to pick them up. She picked them up and brought them to me, she then went back to get her cart and her shoe fell off, at this time she was in the middle of the intersection trying to put her shoe back on when a black SUV ran her over. My wife and I got out of the car, I approached the driver and told him not to move then I crouched down and tried to pick up the vehicle but I couldn’t then I bent down and asked my mother in law if she could breathe and she said yes I then remembered I had a floor jack in the trunk of my car and went to retrieve it but I woke up.