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This dream began with standing under the

This dream began with standing under the ocean.able to move and breathe under the ocean just as easily as on the surface. marine life present included a sturgeon, a marlin, and a lemon butterfly-fish. but what impressed me most of all was a fluorescent deep blue fish who attempted to communicate-a manatee was present also but paid us no attention- the glowing blue fish swam in until about17 feet away,and kept his gaze directed at me mostly but also on my dream contact. swam away after about 11 minutes then we walked from the bottom of the ocean to a living room. and through the glass yet! i took a chair on one end of the room,mycontact on the other side. we were discussing a report i was supposed to turn in to some government bureau. i made a remark to the effect that" i should include this next to my report. it was just illogical enough to be taken seriously. which caused my companion to roar with laughter. this man had dark hair and wore like the greasers of the 1950s . he wore a black leather jacket then i woke up

All family members having babies. Babies fall

All family members having babies. Babies fall from sky into river with train tracks. Government will not stop train. Reliant on overweight aunt to catch babies before train comes. Babies are safe at the end.

I had a dream where me and

I had a dream where me and 3 other people went to a school where they sexualized children in order to establish pedophilia within society. They made us play a game where if we don’t sit or stand completely still when they come in the room, they would rape and kill us. They also took away our pets because they thought it was a distraction to our “sexual development”. The 3 people who I was with and I decided to break out, but two died in the process. We ended up escaping after using potions to make ourselves small and/or invisible. After we got out, we went to a cafe where a creepy lady was being gross towards us, so we beat her up before booking it because that was considered “suspicious behavior”. We kept almost getting caught by the weird pedophile government because we would discuss our escape plans to another country near these glass tunnels that we thought were for decoration, but they were actually a government listening device. We were considered America’s most wanted because we went against the order, so we had to wear disguises. We never actually got to escape, but we weren’t captured. We kept running and trying to escape.

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Dream: I’m locked in a house for

Dream: I’m locked in a house for a contamination (Thomas house ) I go outside and see many caution signs and a lake where people seem to get sick so I leave running off the lake and all the people that went into the lake got sick. The people who got sick the government kills. So I try avoid getting sick as well as my mom. I see Thomas studying with a girl and he says it’s her cousin and cheats on me and I leave

I dreamt that I was at a

I dreamt that I was at a lake and I was on the sand lined up with a lot of people. There were government people on the other side who told us we had to swim to the other side. So all of us jumped in the water to swim and then a girl I was with got pulled under water by something. She came back up and we made it to the other side. We were all still in the water when they government officials told us that every year they have to do 10 men and women human sacrifices and those who made it to the wall first were saved. Everyone was mad and he gave us the choose to sacrifice ourselves. I followed another girl who just ran to safety . I stood there and I saw a whirlpoool of where this creature was waiting for people to jump in and my dad was one of the government officials.

The government was giving people shots to

The government was giving people shots to control them my dead grandma told me I need to pull the kill switch and a lab guy helped me get in the building to do it they gave me the shot but I was amune and I fought many pulled the kill switch and almost died fight off the government and woke up in a hospital and then woke up