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I only remember there was an ancient

I only remember there was an ancient Indian ceremony and they said the way to heaven is going to show to true believers and the sky turned purple and the stars aligned together leading a purple line path to heaven but when I realized my kids where at home I left to go get them with there father so we can go to follow the line but when I went back there was fire and chaos within the worldly people and I had to save my husband from satanic police killers and we was running from them I kept praying and praying and I was trying to get them all out.. it was scary to think of heaven and earth and he'll at the same time in my dream... Then I appeared with old loves from Jr. High and then someone else and other members in a graduation party with alcohol and I wanted to give them my speech and tell them about the beginning of my dream only that I was still dreaming and I started crying and only some believed me and some didn't which I wasn't fully happy then I remembered these guy isn't my love.. My true love was the one I was trying to save in the beginning... I still kept praying.. I woke up worried for my kids self and world and true love and I also woke up scared of God and Jesus as to what they will say or if they will abandone me and my family here and the ones who are not evil on earth..

I was at a stadium and it

I was at a stadium and it was like the c/o 2017's graduation and I remember sitting in the very back or top and for some reason shawn was like preforming before the ceremony and so like I guess I missed his performance because I had to go drive around and like pick up Christmas lights and it was snowing but not at the stadium and so anyways I get back and it's over but the graduation wasn't happening so I don't know if I missed that too or what happened but I went back to my seat and then just kind of waited and people started to leave and so by the time I got up to left it was practically empty and there was like this tent you had to go through to get out and so I go to get out and shawns just chilling there and I honestly don't know what I said or what he said or how it started but somehow we were talking and hanging out after that but that's all I remember

I went to a graduation for the

I went to a graduation for the navy soldiers and this guy kidnapped me my bestfriend was with me and I told her to call my fiancé. They took a long time coming to find me then the next day I saw texts from her in his phone they were flirting and apparently had slept with eachother I was so furious I was cussing him and her out I kept slapping him in the face and I had kept laughing I them told him I would raise my baby on my own and he said good she can have my baby

I'm walking home at night in the

I'm walking home at night in the dark from a high school graduation when I see a man out in his back yard with something. Turns out to be a dog the bolts from him and runs over to me and tries to follow me. I keep walking but further up the road see a wanted poster on a street sign for a dog that looks a lot like the one who is still with me no man in sight, but I heard a vehicle start up a bit ago. I run about 2miles to my house dig isn't with me after mile one has gone a different way. I get home wonder about calling pice but don't have a good discription of guy or house so leave it alone. In the morning I am suddenly in a different house with a small baby boy and a man who I instinctively know is the one that had the dog and he lays the baby on the bed and walks down the hall while I hide in a spare bedroom but can see his face. I also see I picture taken of what appears to be the baby's room with a it's a boy banner, police, and congratulations with the parents names on it. The baby has been missing for 3 years, but isn't over a few months in my dream. I also know the man is going to get a knife and the baby has made no noise this entire time. I text 911, but wake up when I hit send.