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I have a recurring dream that my

I have a recurring dream that my grandparents come back to life and I tell them it’s crazy that they’re alive again. All happy dreams but feel normal and real.

I had a dream with my crush

I had a dream with my crush in it he had spent the day with my grandpa after his truck was wrecked the truck in the dream was white and has glass shattered around it well they had went to sams club because they came back with a lot of items in bulk. the item that i remember most was the elf cookies. in the dream all my mirrors were covered with towels. and i was spending time with my crush sitting beside him then all of a sudden the cops rush in and handcuff him and take him i cried and yelled begging them not too and all my family did was hand me a cookie.

Me and H were on our way

Me and H were on our way to NewYork on the bus for a choir trip and we stopped at DairyQueen and my dad and grandpa got me from DairyQueen and so we went to this place and there was a bunch of train tracks surrounded by water. We were sliding down the train tracks and then I ended up in the ocean and then we had to swim fast back to DairyQueen so I could get on the bus and go to NewYork.