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I was watching a bird trying to

I was watching a bird trying to get through a vent on top of a house that reminded me of my grandparents house (I could see the back yard). It was dim outside like dusk or a storm and all of a sudden I was inside the vent or air duct that the bird was trying to get into. It was pitch black and I was trapped and heard a frightening whispering growling voice. I don’t remember what it said if was real words at all. I immediately connected the voice to someone that works at the same place as me ( never really liked me) and who used to be a big boss but has sense lost that position. I felt really scared of the voice and then it was over.

My 3 siblings and i were trapped

My 3 siblings and i were trapped in a pack-in-play in my grandparents back yard, whilst skeletons were coming towards us. But i woke up before they got us.

I was on a boat with my

I was on a boat with my family. Two of my cousins, My Grandparents and myself. Me and my cousins were playing with their cat. For some reasons I was anxious about sharks even though I love sharks. Eventually my Grandfather stood up and look at the temperature gauge and whatever measures wind speed. He told us that the temperature kept changing from really cold to really hot. The largest was up to almost a 300 degrees difference. Then the wind speed kept going up and down. Fast to slow. My Grandma said something along the lines of "An Act of God?" And I'll I said was "God?" And then I woke up.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was in my grandparents old kitchen and I couldn’t remember where I worked or who I had been working for and I started freaking out asking my grandma and when she would try and explain it to me I couldn’t rmemeber

So i was going back to the

So i was going back to the locker room at pe to change out from my pe clothes and suddenly i was running in a field with no grass just dirt and then it was bus call and i missed both of my buses because i took like 20 min in the locker room changing back into my clothes and so i just walked to the bus loop but then my parents showed up near the breezeway so i was like "ok cool i'm gonna get home earlier" and then someone walked past me and like bumped into me and i thought he was a school shooter so i got nervous but i kept walking with my parents and we were gonna enter in the main entrance of the school but then we went to buy and it turned out to be bob saget and i was excited although i dont really watch full house and we talked and then my grandparents aunts uncles and all them started walking under the breezeway and i was confused but then i thought it was some procession for my brothers wedding so i was like ok and then it ended there

In my dream i am at my

In my dream i am at my grandparents house . there is a man attempting to break in i am attempting to defend us by getting a gun but before i can get the gun the man gets to us and then i wake up

I broke my leg doing something. And

I broke my leg doing something. And I was in bed at my grandparents house. And my mom left the room. And then John came in. And he said we need to stretch your leg. And he took my broken leg. And started moving towards me. And he was leaning in with it. Like he was about to kiss me. His eyes start to shut. And I was going along with it. And then my mom came in. And he jumped away from me. And then I don't remember what happens next. But then I was talking to you about how john almost kissed me. Then I was back at my grandparents house. And you and Thiany were staying in the room with me. And Elizabeth was right across from us. Then I fell asleep. I woke up. And I told you it was time to get up. And you said that you didn't fall asleep until 5 am. Then we were all eating in my grandparents house. Everyone from the swim team. Well I am not sure about everyone. But john was at the opposite side of the table. And Thiany was talking to Alexandre. And then john throws a penny. And it lands by me. He said its for Cara. I was mortified. And then I got up. And i was in a onesie. And I can't remember who pushed me over to john. And I was like no. And I fell right behind a nightstand. And John didn't see me. And I was hiding. Until someone saw me. And I said I got stuck. And I got out. And everyone was looking at me. I started crying and I ran upstairs back to my room and fell asleep. Then I woke up. And you came in. And said you really hurt john. I know he was flirting with you. And you made me feel guilty. So I ran downstairs. And I saw him talking to his mom by the door. I screamed his name. And he didn't hear me. Then I lost him. I ran outside. And I started running screaming his name. And in front of the house was a beach. I was struggling to run in my dream. And I said to Karine it's so hard to run in the sand. And I when I finally got to him. He was in his bathing suit. Not a speedo his normal bathing suit. He had abs and everything. I said john I need to tell you something. Then this really gorgeous blonde girl comes over and he said Cara this is my ex girlfriend. I said john I like you. And he said never mind. And pushed his ex away. And I thought to myself I need to kiss him before I wake up. I never kiss anyone in my dreams. And I turned his head towards me. And kissed him. It was a very short chaste kiss. And then I was stunned. Then I woke up in the dream and said holy shit and fell out of the bed.