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I dreamt about visiting a food store

I dreamt about visiting a food store which they had to open just for me visiting. The lights were off and I bought purple grapes and pasta which was shaped as very realistic animals and zombies for my husband. I took my time even tough I felt like I was in a hurry

I was at a game show hosted

I was at a game show hosted by Donkey Kong in a blue tux with the voice of Fat Albert, I fell down stairs and began bleeding out until a cat walked up to me, licked my head, and suddenly I was in a white room surrounded by burning humanoid grapes, then I wake up in my bed in a cold sweat, but then I see Danny DeVito staring at me, he then screams out “I’M THE TRASH MAAAAAAAN!” then I ended up falling in the sky for the rest of the dream.

I was at the ralph getting done

I was at the ralph getting done with hockey practice but it was a younger me. My grandpa came to pick me up from practice and as we were walking outside my grandpa handed me a bowl of grapes in a pink bowl. We walked to him truck and heard a roar i turned around and there was a massive brown bear behind me. It was taller than the ralph and very scary looking. It could also talk, it asked me for my grapes, i said no because i was hungry after practice. My grandpa got mad at me and told me i needed to give the bear my grapes or else the bear would eat us. So i gave the bear my grapes and it stomped away destroying everything in its path.

Waking up next to my boyfriend and

Waking up next to my boyfriend and push him away. Picking grapes and feeding them to fish. I get scared when I can't see into the water. A big fish comes at me. It turns into a cat and is fine.

There is a figure of Christ in

There is a figure of Christ in front of me and He is looking at me thru His right eye while suspended on the Cross but the Tree of Life is growing fro His right side and lying upon His lower right ribs is a golden fruit as flowers and vines and fruit and grapes hang from the branches. The mountains are behind His head as the rays of what appears to be the sun behind the mountains rises and the Springs of Hebron were flowing down toward His left hand side which is far more in shadow and appears to be in shadow or turned in a way that keeps me from seeing the details of that side..