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Living in the mid-western USA at the

Living in the mid-western USA at the time of my dream: I was walking down a gravel road which was heavily foliated on each side of it. I knew from the foliage that I was in the southern USA. Came upon a cleared lot on the left side of the road that was marked out by wooden survey stakes with orange tape flags. There was a one-story wine red house one lot further along beside it. My attention was drawn to the stake nearest me at the front left corner of the lot. As I was looking at it, I suddenly started rising up in the air. As i did, I realized that a ridge ran along the back of the property. As I cleared the ridge-line, I could see a newsh concrete block/precast elementary or middle school on the other side of it. A playground with heavy timber playground equipment was between the school and the ridge on their side. The dream jumped and I found myself standing on a sidewalk, looking out on a four-lane divided highway with a grass median. I realized there was an older red brick building immediately behind me and I turned and went up a step or two and entered it. I had the sense that it was maybe a hardware store, Don't remember doing anything while in it, or having any further sense about it. I left through the front door I had entered. As I walked back outside I realized someone was standing on the sidewalk up against the building to the right of the doorway. I looked to the left and saw the beginning edge of a town. I turned to the person standing there and realized I couldn't see their face. I asked them what town it was. They replied, "Oak Ridge". I realized it was an angel of God. I woke up. This dream happened suddenly, like a download. Amazing clarity, colors and details. Understood it was Oak Ridge, TN.

I’m standing on a gravel driveway, near

I’m standing on a gravel driveway, near the end by a gravel road. I’m just a young kid, but I don’t know how old. The sky is gray and getting darker. I can see a house at the end of the driveway, it looks close yet far away. My whole family is near the house so I try going towards it, but I don’t make much process. I turn around towards the gravel road and try to walk that way. My limbs feel heavy, and I can barely move. My eyes start to close and I have to fight to keep them open. I feel trapped in a small area on this driveway, unable to make progress in any direction. I want to call for my mom, but I can’t open my mouth and she doesn’t hear me. It gets harder to breath. I’m stuck.