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In my dream, I was in a

In my dream, I was in a opened pavilion, wooden structure that was filled with beautiful people. The women were dressed like Greek goddesses. They were welcoming and even made me feel as if I was unique in special quality beauty. They were speaking to each other and casting admiring looks toward me. I sensed there were men around, but no faces or forms. I sensed I was at a place that was just western outskirts of my home town. A man entered and I recognized him to be my real life lover. He was wearing a covering around his waist made of a cloth and sandals, that looked to be Roman like. I remember studying his shoes and how the laces tied around his lower calves. In my dream, I didn't know him to be my lover, but as a very handsome man that entered the pavilion. All the women were looking at him and sending him pleasant smiles, yet he walked over to me and took my hand. I felt like a stranger to him, yet very receptive to his unspoken request that I go with him. He led me out of the building to the yard in the back. The sun was quickly setting. He had me to sit... which now seemed like the back of the bed of a truck covered in burlap and hay. Perhaps it was a wooden wagon, I am not for sure. He never spoke, but I was felt so completely elated that he chose me above all the other women to cast his attention. He stood next to the bed, where I was sitting and then he looked up to the heavens which were now very dark. The sky was completely covered in brilliant, sparkling stars. I marveled at how brightly they shown. He reached up with his hand and swirled the stars around in a circular motion, causing them to fall from the sky. They fell directly on top of me, showering me with real diamonds, collecting in my hair and my lap. My hands were cupped to catch them as I smiled and squealed in delight. I looked up to thank him and he was no longer there. I suddenly felt saddened. Appreciative that I would mean so much to him that he would pick me, yet not understanding his departure nor if I would see him again. I reviewed his swirling of the stars many times in my mind, and how he gave them to me.

Talking to aunt about some thing in

Talking to aunt about some thing in some kind of swamp. See an aligator or croc, Cant tell diffrence. I say some thing along the lines of oh my god. She says some thing about it having to do with gps Look behind me there is a path with a wood fence, a bear comes in the opening roars, walks away. I look away, it charges me Hits me in the gut or lower. Morphs into a bull, then black out. wake up a asian friend house at my old appartment. looking for some thing dont know what, Search for 5 min then leave. Walk over to the appartment pools, a few people there standing still as statues. Notice some one in a weird black mask and robe following me, Forget about them and go around the pool Girl comes up behind me, i think i love her. We go up to the appartment i used to live at and go in. Green carpet almost empty kinda trashed. Looking very poor. eat etc, then black out again. Wake up in some kind of camp on a hill over looking a forest and a wide open grassy plain. Lots of people there mostly kids 17-24 go into some sort of hut see girls i think i know. Remember talking about a car or some thing, or a horse. and the horse needing gas Decide i want to go back home, some girl comes with me and we go to look for fuel, we run down a road on the side of the hill bordering both the forest and the open plain. Feels kinda trench like. Hear screaming moaning and powerful booming voices up the road and see a fight. Best guess it would be greek gods? Keep running i run ahead of girl and lose track of her. run a bit down the road and see what i would say is an army of snakes Just thousands of snakes. And then i run back up the hill to the camp and while im running i notice a few hundred bow and arrows Most of them are lighting yellow a few red ones, some blue. And one black one. The yellow ones are themed like lightning blots And so are the arrows. I stop to think to pick one up i reach down to do it. Then i wake up