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i woke up in a very open

i woke up in a very open room. and there were only women and they were only wearing scrubs with a face mask. i was wearing tights and a t shirt, they said i needed to wear one to so i took one of the scrubs and put the mask on but the mask broke. and before i could get another one a man came in the room and everyone looked at him. he had forest green eyes and black hair he had a very handsome face.then everyone bent over to down ward dog and i went along with it but i felt the need to follow along so i wouldn't be caught, but I'm not very good at yoga so i was slightly off and he came in front of me and stood there for a second then moved to my to behind me then he licked my but. i moaned and held my spot but it was like i lost control over my body for a second. then he was following me and took me to a house saying things like your ours and i want. but i woke up after that.

'm 21 and have never had a

'm 21 and have never had a sexual or romantic relationship however I dreamt that I had a husband who was what I'd consider my perfect man however I have never met this man before . Anway the dream begins whereby I've apparently just given birth to our son and am now running away with him. I happen to get help from my friends in terms of running away as they drive me away and make it a significant distance however in the back of my mind I am aware that theres nowhere I can run without my husband ever finding me, he is so powerful that he has almost everyone working for him or his supporter. I continue to flee from him with our newborn son however. Somehow in the dream it becomes late and we stop at the shaddest hotel on the assumption that it too low class for him to be there however upon entering the rooms its apparent that the outside of the hotel is a facade since the inside is beautiful . I take to sleeping on the floor with my son whilst I give my friends the bed since its a single room. Just before we go to bed they ask me to lock the bedroom door and as I attempt to do that I realise my husband is unknowingly in the adjacent room and undressing his shirt and I'm shockingly very attracted to his body ...I then frantically try to lock the door before he sees me only to realise that the door is too small and wont lock. I then inform my friends that he is in the adjacent room they then decide to reveal themselves and beg for his forgivness for helping me in my escape . I hide behind my hotel room door and hoping to not be seen by him however my friends give away my current position. He then comes into the room and looks me directly in the eye ,his eyes were shockingly turquoise and the iris was not that recognisable as it was sort of smugged (surprising since I like green eyes ) and I find myself being again attracted to him and a part of me recognises that I'm severly inlove with him however out of shame of having run away and refusing to beg for his forgiveness like my friends did (I am being defiant ) I tell him that I'd like a divorce . He takes our son gets into bed and I'm fully expecting him to argue with me and yet he pays me no mind he instead give attention to his son and tells me that divorces complicate things whilst looking at our son he then says that we can just split up and still be legally married . He says all this whist not even looking at me and for some reason even though I asked for the divorce I'm devastated that he'd let me go so easily without fighting for me .. I fell rejected by him whilst I stand at the foot of the bed contemplating whether I should also get on the bed or not I eventually get on and then the dream ends . I'm unsure as to what this dream means since I have no relationship or marriage prospects and yet this dream is disturbing me . Also the man portrayed as my husband is one I fancy myself having ,he is strong, masculine , financially powerful and handsome . Why them am I running away from him and yet feel hurt when he permits me to leave him.

8 years old son sleeping when Jesus

8 years old son sleeping when Jesus comes into my dreams. We talk about learning your lesson on the first try . You get one chance for god is harsh and Jesus likes to watch me play with me we play games together ,walking around I can look up in his eyes and my answered from an question is known without words. Jesus loves to walk on water ,like an trick and why is there an ghost like figure dressed in white , bright colors shown on her head crown of flowers'. Jesus is more interested about me through questions about what I like, feel more comfortable with that than my question for him .Jesus is on the ghost like clothes yet his eyes are purely righteous feeling glimmering bluish,green eyes. His voice is soft unlike god .im building him 3huts for him out sticks ,clay muddy?

In my dream I'm walking in a

In my dream I'm walking in a wide meadow and then a fog blows in and blocks everything from view then I see a large shape form and a strange silvery glow surrounding it as the shape gets closer the silvery glow gets brighter and then there is a flash of light and standing be for me is a black wolf the size of a horse it has glowing golden green eyes it stares at me then looks off into the distance I look to see what it is looking at but all I see is a big shadow and then the wolf nudges me with its snout and starts walking away it looks back at me and then starts walking again then it looks back at me again as if asking me to follow it but be for I do my dream always ends I've had this same dream five times already.

I'm sitting on the stairs on my

I'm sitting on the stairs on my grandma's attic with an autistic kid maybe 2 or 3 years older than me. Blonde hair, green eyes, blue and white striped polo shirt, and tan shorts with a ton of large pockets. I don't know him, but I feel that he's important. A short man maybe as tall as me jogged pass us up the stairs panting, "Quick they're coming!" I know what he means, airplanes that drop dangerous bombs and fighter jets. I grab the autistic boy's hand and chase after the man, climbing another set of stairs that never really existed in reality. I look back and say, "We might need to turn around and go down." However I keep going up, ending up out of the house in a field. I had never been there before. Taking the boy's hand we run in the open and I see the jets circling. I see a set of bleachers, knowing somehow a person is going to save us and come in a plane to take us to safety. I see hundreds of innocent people climbing the bleachers. Standing there waving their arms. Looking for hope. Me, the boy, and the man are a hundred yards away from the bleachers. Then I see the bomb dive into the bleachers. Bodies are thrown everywhere. In front of me a hole opened up acting as a tunnel into a laboratory, we run in seeing all the scientists. They all in unison say, "Everything is ok." I turn around and the boy is gone. So is the man. As if they disappeared. I leave the laboratory and sit in the grass, holding my legs. Rocking back and forth, then I feel calm as if nothing happened and that everything that happened was all just a game.


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