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Im being chased by police. I'm riding

Im being chased by police. I'm riding in a car with 2 people I don't know. We are being pursued and I suggest we cut across a field. There are people all around. As we approach a small dirt road through mass foliage I jump out of the car. I then hide in bushes. A woman I plea with to not notify police, does just that. I am then transported to a prison. In this prison some sort of witch doctor wearing odd beads, clothing, and long nappy hair is placing some sort of device over the eyes of the other inmates. The detail that sticks out the most about this "witch docter" is a headress that resembles a huge green serpent head. He approaches me and I find my self with this device over my vision. A series of flashes begin to occur. They are blue and in my mind I remember fearing my mind is being programmed by this device. Soon the flashes stop and I now see everything in a different way. Everything is blue and the witch doctors headress is now a blue snake head that is alive.