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Had a werid dream. Saved cats and

Had a werid dream. Saved cats and dog from Fox thay was mixed brown and black. Then greyhound dog had black tapes wrapped his mouth limping around outside I cried for the dog then I banged on a big glass door to get dogs attention then ran to dog then bring inside. There were lot of animals in a house. Then I told all animals to go and hide fast. Then I locked the door then ran to hide for safety. Then I woke up

I had a realistic nightmare just an

I had a realistic nightmare just an hour ago. In my dream I was a gym teacher and cheerleader coach when my sister in law called me to ask if i could take my nephew cause she was going to pick my father in law up from the greyhound bus station, I then called my fiancee and asked him how work was and told him we had our nephew with us. I walked into the parking lot and it was a light cloudy day and my sister in law was standing by my said car that was blue so I put my nephew in my car and my sister in law left and i could jus happen to see a figure in the corner of my eye and when i looked a man was charging at me full speed so i locked my car and set the car alarm with my nephew in it i immediately started running away from the car and made it seem like i threw the keys hoping he would stop chasing me when i was tackled and in my dream i woke up in the hospital with a cracked forehead, missing all bottom teeth and the bottom lip of my mouth missing

I was driving a school bus and

I was driving a school bus and i droped off two of girls at a greyhound bus stop to travel to another city and they got on the bus crying a lot because they didn't want to leave me. then the dream went on i was in church speaking and i went to the bathroom and i saw this little boy was watching me use the bathroom,i looked at him and walked out of the bathroom.