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Greetings MOG I had a weird dream

Greetings MOG I had a weird dream I dreamt when was at my Mai guru's place, like l usually be home alone l thought l was alone at home, l got out of the out to do my morning chores like watering the garden and flowers, l went out for more than 5 hours when l came back l found out that l didn't close the door and chicken layers we in the house they made a mess everywhere. I removed them outside and thought of cleaning the mess before anyone comes at home when l went to the bathroom l saw a naked lady on floor like she is dead l ran outside to seek help l found a topless man outside and told him to help me out what l saw in the bathroom when we got there l realized that it was my Mai Guru on the floor skin, thin and very weak, when that man woke her up she asked me to give her food like a small sadza. Since l busy l had not cooked anything then l woke up and prayed for some time. What does this mean

Me and my father went to temple

Me and my father went to temple it was very old shiva temple ther is lot of statue are present there is no light.iam only gone throw the main statue there is only small hole to see throw whenever I saw there white shiva statue behind this one male and female standing seeing me in that room only small hole behind for light.I get blessing from temple guru regarding my studies. Second time I only went inside the temple light gets turn on there is lot of moving statue I was scared.I went to main statue again but there is no male and female standing behind.in that moving statue small pathway is ther for crossing first time iam escaped but second time I was hit by statue