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me , you , your mom ,

me , you , your mom , my mom , both of our sisters , & my neighbor all lived in this MANSION. It had like 40 floors & they all had names , like the death floor , luck floor, love floor & things like that , kay? When you went on the top floor, there were these little leprachaun things that greeted you at the elevator door & sprinkles sparkles on you. So we were up there & you were only a baby , so you said , i wish we had the best hide and go seek game in the world. So it started and we all hid . Me, my neighbor & your sister were all in the basement under the stairs & we found this secret door ? So we opened it & MILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars fell out of it. & that was our luck. The basement was the death floor & thats where we hid, so we had bad luck coming . So we went outside & we found this portal looking door , right? & my neighbor & your sister went through , went in for a couple seconds, & came RUNNING out saying "THAT WAS AWESOME!" They told me to go in but I got too scared . Then I remembered that you were trying to find us still , so I went back & looked for you. & this big green blob looking thing came & ate us , & our house & everything we had, so we ended up living in a giant green blob that walked HAHAHAHAHA, nice dream. eh?