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I had a post apocalyptic dream where

I had a post apocalyptic dream where it was teens vs adults. The teens had created their own society and the cops were trying to shut them down. I was with the teens and liked the leader. He was very handsome. I was getting these crippling migraines that would bring me to my knees and in the dream I remember thinking that I was going to die. I was going to die but I didn't want to. I collapsed in front of the leader as I felt a sharp pain in my right temple and I woke up.

i woke up in a very open

i woke up in a very open room. and there were only women and they were only wearing scrubs with a face mask. i was wearing tights and a t shirt, they said i needed to wear one to so i took one of the scrubs and put the mask on but the mask broke. and before i could get another one a man came in the room and everyone looked at him. he had forest green eyes and black hair he had a very handsome face.then everyone bent over to down ward dog and i went along with it but i felt the need to follow along so i wouldn't be caught, but I'm not very good at yoga so i was slightly off and he came in front of me and stood there for a second then moved to my to behind me then he licked my but. i moaned and held my spot but it was like i lost control over my body for a second. then he was following me and took me to a house saying things like your ours and i want. but i woke up after that.

It all started with me standing on

It all started with me standing on an empty beach, toes in the sand and staring and listening to the wave’s crash at my feet. It was quiet, and still, there was this feeling of serenity that had washed over me and I suddenly had nothing in my head. I had no stresses, no worries, no negative thoughts, nothing. Just me standing on the beach with no one around, and the consistently crashing waves. At the time I had no idea what this feel8ing meant but I wanted to keep it for as long as I could. It wasn’t until I heard my name being called that I turned and realized I wasn’t alone, that feeling was gone. As I frantically looked to see who had interrupted this very serine moment I was having, I realized it was this man. This man was tall, barefoot, extremely handsome and jogging towards me. As he approached me I knew who he was immediately, my now husband. He looked different though, almost glowing or like glistening. His smile seemed happier than normal like this was the best day of his life. He looked like a little kid on Christmas. As I asked him, “Kyle? What are we doing here? Where are we?” he responded with something along the lines of, “I have something to ask you”. It then clicked… I looked down and realized he was getting down on one knee…. He spoke of something I’m sure was extremely romantic and made me cry like a baby. He placed this amazing ring on my finger that glistened and shined so bright in the sun. As I said yes, he picked me up and held me in his arms where I again felt that calm, serenity feeling of what I know knew to be utter happiness. I of course don’t remember much more of this dream, but this dream has happened once before we were even engaged and then once since we’ve been married.

Find Kirin in you dreams snap your

Find Kirin in you dreams snap your fingers. Kirin is an elf, handsome. He left you his computer it is a hardcore programming computer. It hurt him to know I forgot him. Deeply. Our love has spanned eons he did not have sex with me, we are polygamous/ polyandrous. If felt real. The love was intense and REAL. Yoi could not tell the difference. Kirin is aware it is a dream. He has an alien friend who is sexual in nature forgotten name Yes we had a threesime. Braeden was living with us. Mom had a denereys wig on. Do not take an elevator!!!! Do not look directly at Kirin or other see characters until you k ow you are solid in there. Yes you cannot tell the difference. Keep dreaming.