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I was working at a convenience/dollar store

I was working at a convenience/dollar store like Dollar Tree. Mark came in and began to harass me. He was mad because he wanted Gigi. He would do a sort of cycle: come inside, pester me, leave, return, repeat. Finally fed up I took him by the neck and escorted him to the front of the store. Before I reached the manager I released him and pretended I never touched him. I explained to the manager what happened, leaving out the part about my assault and battery of a customer, and that I wanted to file a report. Without even hearing my story or meeting Mark they seemed to take his side almost immediately. Sad and angry I went back to work. Later on Mark returned. This time he followed me around the store. As I was walking away and trying to ignore him he ran up beside me, swearing. I saw that he had a kitchen knife. I became afraid. He grabbed my arm and I tried to remove the knife. But I was unsuccessful. He inflicted several cuts before I was able to remove the blade from his hand. At that exact moment a cop approached us. Believing I had inflicted the wounds on myself, the cop was going to take me to a psych ward. Terrified, I ran out of the store I was working at and into a large grocery store that was dimly lit and appeared abandoned. I ran until I reached the entrance to a secret strip club in the back; my plan was to run through here and find an exit that led out to a back alley. The two women who headlined in this private grocery store gentleman's club were somehow personal friends of mine. They were middle-aged black women who looked like long time drug users, and one of them I owed money

i was at summer camp kind of

i was at summer camp kind of like my own, and there was a narrator talking about how my favorite parks and rec character died. and Jerry's family didn't love him. so they were showing Ron Swanson to get more cardboard and he's reaching into the dumpster, while a narrator says that the person died in a stupid way and then Ron falls in the dumpster and i realize that its Ron who died and then it fast forwards and it turns out that it was a trash compacter and then there is a scooper with Rons compacted Body in it and his wife Diane is Slightly sad. Then i remember thinking that i was going to text all my friends that the new season of park sand rec sucks.

I was hiding in a house across

I was hiding in a house across from Mt child hood home because there was a demon living there. He mutilated several bodies and hung them on the power line poles. He put animal head carcasses on them too. I was Hindi from him because I knew he was killing people but I didn't speak up. Two officers came to my house and the demon had possessed one of the men, but he looked like the cat in the hat character. He told me it was all my fault and I was responsible for all of it and I was going to get in trouble for it. So I strangled him until he died and had to leave that body.

Recently, past 6 months, I have had

Recently, past 6 months, I have had several dreams where many dead actors, family members both dead and alive have been major characters in my dreams. Mel Gibson, Lorne Green, Elvis presley, bot my Grandmothers, two former bosses and the two others from Bonanza, have been with me in dreams. I have also twice been in the same building which is a place I have never seen before. In the dreams I am either friends with or dating these individuals. We have been to many places I have already been and then a few I can't say where they are. In one my sister became a Mud Wrestling Champion of our area, beating out a guy I went to school with over 40 years ago and her coach was also a former classmate. I wouldn't ask about a dream normally but I have had so many "odd" ones in such a short period of time that I am caught by suprise and the fact that many of them I have never met, which also includes one of my Grandmothers, kind of worries me now.