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I dreamt of my deceased grandmother she

I dreamt of my deceased grandmother she was holding my alive Dog she did not say anything to me she just looked at me while carrying my dog. I was sitting in the couch I was smoking some herbs in my house, I suddenly saw the room door opening i thought it was my dog who had woken up my mom, when I was apologizing to my mom thinking my dog had woken her up. As i'm applogizing to "my mom" once I looked up it wasn't her it was my deceased grandmother staring at me while she was holding my dog. My dog has his harness and he was calm with her. My grandmother never met my do we got him three years later after she passed away. My grandmother said nothing I was able to see her so clearly.

With my best friend, i went on

With my best friend, i went on a hot air balloon. we were part of a patrol group for supernatural beings and beasts. we were told to controll it using harnesses but we needed a third person. an extremely beautiful guy came to be the third person. he was my age, had gold hair, and was tattooed and muscular. when it was time to start the hot air balloon, all three of us wee told to hold hand. as soon as i held his hand, a vision came to me of who he was. when the vision was over, i let go and dropped to the floor, coughing up blood. the guy looked very concerned as if he cared for me. my best friend asked if i had a vision and i told her yes. then i looked at him and said "shadowhunter" so he knew that i knew what he was. through the whole dream, i felt like i wanted to kiss him and i felt like he wanted to kiss me.