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I was dreaming that my brother had

I was dreaming that my brother had an heart attack, I was entering the room and he was sitting in n chair , his back to me, there was some-one attending to him, could not see the face. I saw his head fell to the left and as I ran to him and asked what was going on, this man disappeared saying he was going to call a doctor. But my brother was full of tubes, and I started to press with something that looks likes a stethoscope but bigger on his chest to get him to breath. But there was a tube over his stomach and I realized no blood was going through, I could see him looking at me, but his tongue was sticking out as if he wanted to say something and I just kept on pressing this thing on his chest and saying, no, no, please don't. And I realized Ive lost him and woke up. Please interpret for me. Thank you. Rina He was fully clothed.

I fell asleep. In my dream I

I fell asleep. In my dream I fell asleep and upon waking my deceased father was on the couch holding his head. I said omg daddy! And he said now is not a good time. I told him it's never a good time and he said no. My mother was there also and she said that my fiancé had been working at the house next door, became sick and was taken to the hospital. My fiancé had a heart attack a year ago. I became mad. At that point I woke up and immediately texted my fiancé at work.

i was in the mall with my

i was in the mall with my friend old man had a heart attack and died police showed up me and my friend started running with the cops she had a gun in her hand and they were shooting random people in the mall i saw a baby about to trip and fall onto an escalator so i saved him i brought him to his mother who had another son they were twins i tried to open the door so she could leave the mall but it was locked i knew about another exit on the other side of the mall so i carried the stroller that her 2 children were sitting on up the escalator, she followed we reached the top of the escalator there were no corpses and only a few people were left in the mall we were walking when she got hit by a boomerang on the neck and died the stroller with the twins had disappeared the man who threw the boomerang was sitting on a stair case to my right there was a man farther away with boomerang he was also sitting on a staircase but it was in front of me the boomerang was about to hit me but it missed the other man also tried to hit me with the boomerang; he also missed i thought that the boomerang was covered in poison that seeped into your skin when it hit your neck so i scraped the poison off a rat ran around me, but i caught it and stabbed it with the boomerang to see what would happen and the rat kept running like nothing had happened.


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