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There was a whole in the front

There was a whole in the front window of a house we were living in. I did not recognize the house at all. someone chopped down 3 hedges in front of the house near the front door, exposing the whole in the window. later we were at dinner and a young man was collecting first aid items for charity and my husband donated some cotton balls. we later found out that the young man had chopped our trees down

There was a whole in one of

There was a whole in one of the front windows of a house that I was living in. someone had chopped down three of my hedges to expose the whole and front door. my husband and I were having dinner and a young boy was collecting first aid items for charity, my husband donated some cotton balls. we later found out that the young man had cut the hedges at our house

I was at my church and I

I was at my church and I didn't know anyone that was there. It seemed to be medieval times and there was a man there named Mohinder. I immediately became friends with him and he became like a father to me, except that he was no older then 30. I ran around in circles around my church, leaping over hedges and being wild and crazy, then I cam inside a gave him a hug. I remember everything clearly. The musty smell of her shirt and the fresh clean scent of his cologne, the rough feeling of the material, and how strong and yet gentile that his arms felt when they wrapped around me, and the rumble of his chest when he spoke, asking me what I had being doing… I can even hear his soft heartbeat and feel his chin on my head One day there was a commotion at the lake outside the building. Everyone was confused and didn't know what was in the lake. I looked in and saw that it was a giant fist, I could see the ripples around the lake. One fat boy fell in and was eaten. I was scared, but then I felt Mohinder's arms around me and I was comforted. He was holding me on the shore, making sure I didn't fall in. But as the people around us started to panic, it felt like he was holding me tighter and i felt like I might fall. I broke away and ran quickly to my room, ignoring him when he called me back. I stayed in my room for hours until he came and knocked on my door. He explained that he was holding me tighter because he was afraid that the people might start to push us. and it felt like we were falling because I was panicking. I apologized and we continued with life. A while later I was in a pretty white flowered dress, sitting on two rocks that were call the keys. (The locks the the big pile of rocks with two holes in them, and they keys were the little piles that looked at if they would fit into the holes.) I was sitting and drawing and he told me I looked beautiful sitting like that. I was embarrass and I tried to get down, but he told me not to move. “No!” He said. “Just be still… you are beautiful.” It was a while later where knights came to our church. They wanted to go on a ride to check up on some villages where orcs were making trouble. Mohinder let me go with him and the knights, but some of the others were doubtful that I could be of much help and they didn't want me to come. I went anyways. ON the way there, I fell behind and was kidnapped by some slave traders. They traded me to a man who needed help with his merchants cart. I was ordered to be silent, or I would die. Mohinder came and was buying something from the merchant when he saw me, he was startled and tears came into his eyes. But he whispered. “You are beautiful.” even though I was in rags. Then he drew his sword and saved me. I think woke up.

A lion just tried to eat me….it

A lion just tried to eat me….it was running at me fast (it was a dream) I couldn’t see it clear at first….it came into focus as it closed on me….I froze (2:29am or2:27am) There was a little tree between me and the lion. That lion was strong as shit……..I woke up before it ate me It was on the street from where I live, about five house up from where I live……..same side of the street…it closed on me fast…coming over some small hedges

I found myself at a high-school reunion

I found myself at a high-school reunion many years in the future. The reunion was held in a large meeting hall or old house turned public gathering space. We were all outside on the porch; it was evening, and the sky was dark blue with yellow on the horizon. The house was white, made of bricks, and it looked like an old English manor with climbing roses and neatly-trimmed hedges. Most of the people there were my friends from grade 8 (I had this dream in grade 9), and though I don’t remember the topic of discussion, we all seemed fairly friendly. I then decided to go off by myself- there was a low, stone wall and a grove of trees separating the yard of the house from a beach, and as everything was well-lit by lanterns, I decided to walk along the beach and then swim in the ocean. The ocean was very calm, there was little wind and the waves were very subtle and slow, though I couldn’t see into the water because of the lighting. I was only in the ocean a few moments, and I was still in a shallow region where I could stand on the bottom and have my head above the surface, when I saw shark fins. I wasn’t afraid of them. The sharks then started moving in a very unusual way- their heads coming above the water so they were perpendicular to the surface and then going back down again, rapidly thrashing and squirming about. I got out of the water to see better what was going on, and I then saw the sharks walk out of the water; they had the heads and torsos of sharks and human legs. I then realized that they were part of a band which had become quite popular for some reason, called Onkle Donkle. I somehow became completely dry, despite having worn all my clothes into the water. The shark-people were wearing inner tubes (each differently coloured) and carrying their instruments (how, with no arms, I have no idea). Others had gathered around and saw the shark-people-band, but no-one seemed to care. I then went back to the reunion, where I went inside the house to see that my old friends were gone, and my colleagues from my job were there (I think I had joined the FBI). We then played an odd game with silver marbles and funny-looking cards.