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I saw a vision on a sky,I

I saw a vision on a sky,I saw a throne of God surrounded by angels den I heared a voice say these angels are known as cherubims,and I saw other angels with six wings flying on top of a throne of god then the voice said to me these angels are known as seraphims,I heared the voice saying I must pray and cry for my sins then I prayed while I was praying I heared the sound of a trumpet then u rise up and say to myself...what happen is the world destroyed?later I found myself in church there were black n white people in church a woman walking with crushes was preaching the word of God then I here's the voice saying:I must write down the script of the bible and read it at home and I heared a voice says to me I must try by all means to listen and follow God's ways if not so I will be like dis man den I look to the sky and I saw an angel Lifting up a sort with a white man dead sturbed by an angel hanging on top of a sort...den I woke up from my dream.