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We were out and you needed something

We were out and you needed something from home so we swung by your house (cos you owned one). When we got there it was clear you were living with someone, then the girl walks in asks who i am and then you two semi get into it and you're like "shes not your business shes mine. And my business isnt your business anymore" and we go to leave. Then your friends and family are in the kitchen and we all end up having a bbq and partying until the early morning

i was in a room with my

i was in a room with my fiancee and our daughter. he had her in his arms and she kept crying to get me. i tried getting to her but something or someone was holding me back from getting to her. i dont know if it was a force or a person but i knew i couldnt move AT ALL. so while i try to get my baby, my fiancee is telling me that hes found a new mother for her and shes (my daughter) forgotten you and doesnt know who you are anymore. he tells me that hes going far away that i'll never see her or him at all never ever. (in reality we're doing well and i never have the worry that he'll take her from me because we've already come to those agreements through court and shes mine). at that moment i start crying really bad just screaming and crying trying to get to her but i was still being held back. throughout all this he kept laughing at me and holding her far from me. he just kept laughing while tears were rolling down my cheeks :( ive seen it two nights in a row and its really scaring me. the tears and his laughter feel so real that when i wake im left breathless in tears and with heart pain. what does it mean please help :(