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Last night i had a sleepover at

Last night i had a sleepover at my friends house and i had a dream that my very catholic mother had satanic worshiping tools and sage in a closed drawer at home. After i discovered this she seemed happy i had found it and was excited to show me the satanic tools. She then lead me to a room that was darkly lit and pulled out an object that was in the shape of a pyramid with hieroglyphs and a sharp point on the top. She then told me if we performed a ritual that i could have any wish i wanted. So i agreed and did it. My wish was that my mother would be happy. The ritual started with me poking myself with the tip and then a mucus type substance was put over where i poked myself then i was supposed to have my blood on it also. After it was finished my mother laughed and said did you really think that was your mother. She was possessed and i performed an exorcism on her. After she was semi nnormal she cried and got mad at me asking why i had thought that was her and now i had to go through what she has been going through for years and i find out she was being stalked by a spirit that was very unbelievably scary to say the least. The last part of my dream i remember i was a little girl in the back seat of my car and this entity was in the very back and it was reaching for me and and its fingers were as long as knives and as pointy as they are too. And at this point im as far away from that area as i possibly can be and slowly as its reaching for me its fingers get longer and longer until its almost touching my nose and then i give up and relax because i know it will eventually get me and i lean twords it and it grabs my head and i wake up. When i had this dream it was at my friends house as i had said before but it was above the spot we has used an ouija board months before.