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My spouse and i are riding a

My spouse and i are riding a bike with my spouse over a bridge happy and free. Clouds start to roll in on the surface of the bridge. Beautiful and scary clouds start to rise up at the end of the bridge. High tides also hit the bridge. A subway train crashes into the frozen clouds and my husband and I escape the frozen and danger before its too late.

I was in the beach, and my

I was in the beach, and my favorite stuffed animal fell to the water, and carried away. I got nervous but didn't want to drop other stuff in my hands (glasses and cellphone). My piercing fell to the water, but I managed to took it. Suddenly, a high tide started, and I was quite scared so I went away.

I was walking on the rocks on

I was walking on the rocks on the beach with my sister and saw lots of octopus and jellyfish and made sure she didn't step on any. Then we approached a cave, I told her to hurry so high tide doesn't get us. We went into the cave and a man said do you want to stay i said no I am a bit claustrophobic but will explore a little.