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Me and 5 of my friends(Ally, Dominic,

Me and 5 of my friends(Ally, Dominic, Alex, Tyler, and Theron) were eating at subway after school and it was absolutely hilarious. Them Ally, Theron, and Tyler had to go to play practice and somehow I ended up at a creepy house near where my grandparents live where the only way to get to it is going across a one-person bridge. And I was there with my two guy friends Alex(who I had a crush on, not anymore) and Dominic(who is a rather close friend of mine). we went inside and when we were looking around Alex got attacked by this crazy old lady who apparently lived there. After Dominic and I saved him we quickly realized that the lady wouldn't let us leave unless we playefd a game with here. Which was a stripping game (it lands on you and you take a piece of clothing off). I tried to leave but was beat up around the house by a magical broom.I knew we couldn't leave unless we played the game. Dominic, Alex, and myself sat around this twister board marked up like " girl-shirt , boys-shirt, boys-pants" eytc.we started playing it. Ironically it never landed on the old lady. But I was barefoot and still was half clothed since I had lost my shirt. Dominic lost his shirt and shoes. Alex lost his shirt, shoes, and socks. The spinner landed on "boys-pants" meaning both of them and they both got up, looked at each other, and started down their fly. The old lady then looked at me, cackled, with gleaming eyes and when I looked back both the guys were taking off their pants while looking at me. Then I woke up.

Me and Caitlin were on a tropical

Me and Caitlin were on a tropical island and were down by the water where I had my phone and Caitlin told me I should bring it back to our chairs. I told her I would when a huge wave came and knocked me down. When I stood up I realized a whole half of my phone was missing. I said it was hilarious and that I should write it down in my dream journal but I was too tired. The next day at school Ms. Whelan told me that it was common to have dreams where phones split in half and I should have wrote it down because it means something.

I was in New Orleans to say

I was in New Orleans to say happy birthday to a friend and she wanted me to join the band and I was a little drunk but I did it anyways and then we went into a random bar and no one was there but a scary lady threw candy and beads at me specifically then everyone else. Then I was playing football with a guy from highschool that I had a huge crush on and he thought I was funny. Then somehow justin timberlake was on my shoulders and I was dancing and he thought it was hilarious and was trying to teach me some moves. But I wandered over to a dock and there was a bunch of people on life preservers exhausted from some endurance class. And Clay Matthews was one of them and he looked like he needed help so I just reached my arm out and he grabbed it and I helped him onto the dock.

My ex of 2 years (we're both

My ex of 2 years (we're both girls) had been dating from someone from outside of state behind my back. The very day the girl moved home my ex left me and started dating her and they moved in together the next day. I was devastated. It still angers me so much the way she went about things and just totally up and left me. He felt no remorse and thinks I'm crazy to even be upset because she says we weren't going to work out anyways. It really hurts. So last night I had a dream that a friend and I went back to my house and my ex and her new gf were having sex in my bed. When thy saw me they laughed at me. They said haha that's what you get. I was so upset and they thought it was hilarious because that's the reaction they wanted out of me. I started hitting her new gf and they just kept laughing. I feel like its real and can actually see them doing this. It really hurts. What does it mean?

My dream was very weird. I was

My dream was very weird. I was dyslexic. So were Jessica and John. We went to Vancouver to this park with exotic animals. Whilst we were talking about all the different animals, Isabella, from Phineas and Ferb, appeared. She was going on and on about never seeing a unicorn before. We decided to go outside to see the other displays and that’s where we saw a unicorn spitting out rainbows and glitter. Isabella was so happy. She wanted to take a picture. That was when James and Nikole’s family appeared. We all took the picture together, but it was actually video recording it. James and Kirveen were repeatedly changing their pose while everyone else was frozen, smiling and staring at the camera. It was kind of creepy actually. James then showed us a video from last year where we did the exact same thing in the exact same place! It was hilarious! After a while Skye got bored and wandered off. We were close to a spray park so he slipped. He suddenly turned into a fish out of water. I don’t remember much after that. I also don’t remember how the dyslexia fits into this.