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there was a mansion located on a

there was a mansion located on a hilly region with green grass and colorful flowers. Me and my friend Hanna were sitting in a hot tube which was on a balcony overlooking the hills. Then my friend Bella came over and told me that I did not bring enough purple for the trip. I then went inside and unpacked and pet my black cat whose name was Oreo. I then went to sleep on my red hammock. I woke up to some guy throwing dippin dots at me and then my cat knocked me off my hammock

i walked out back door on my

i walked out back door on my trailor off the portrch, it was dark,then i seen a set of reflecting eyes, i thought deer at first but it stayed so i yelled at it saying i knew it was there,then more and more sets of eyes popped up,they were on a small hillside 30 feet or so from the portch,then all at the same time they steped into the portchlight and it was dead realatives and friends,they started to come torwards me,i dont kno if they ment harm or friendly, i went back into my trailor/home and another dead elder i know, i woke up on the bed,i told him what was happening,as i turned the t.v. off he got out of bed and walked to the corner of the room and started to whisper to them something i couldnt make out,then i woke up