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So i was at school it was

So i was at school it was a combination of smoky’s building and horizons. The school was surrounded by guards who were protecting us from a pretty evil force. We dinked around like idiots on our computers and were just overall having a great time. Me and jacobie were facing each other but our massive computers were in the way. We craned our heads to stare at one another which resulted in him smiling at me. We laughed and went back to whatever we were doing. Mr Delong burst in and told us that we all needed to leave the room right then and go to the basement, but at that moment the windows shattered. I looked outside and all of the guards were dead. There were these men standing over their bodies, and they looked up at me and the class with dark smiles. Cole jumped out and joined them along with many others. Me and jacobie looked at each other and ran out of the door. What was left of the class ran behind us screaming terrified. We got downstairs. And they were all gone I was the only one left in the ballroom. I ran out of the door, and ran as far and as fast as i could to get away from them. I stopped in a field and a girl walked up to me. She told me that if i didn’t join them they’d make me. I clenched my fists in fear and the energy field around me expanded in a purple hue. She avoided it with all costs and i clenched even harder. She shot bursts of energy at me which were destroyed by the energy field barrier surrounding me. The harder I clenched, the larger the field became. My hands were bleeding from clenching tightly with long nails. I caught her in it by closing my eyes and extending it further. She screamed in agony as she dropped to the ground. her body faded as sparkles. I ran into AVery hicks who i protected and tried to get home. He ended up sacrificing himself to make sure i stayed alive. I made it back to my house and the lights were off. I had been running for a very long time. They stopped chasing me. The kitchen window was left slightly ajar and chester jumped from it. Corwin killed him with his energy field and told me that wasn’t chester. He told me I needed to run and find mom, and ran away. I turned around to face the door again but found instead a man wearing a cowboy hat with a creepy smile plastered on his face. He said that master wanted me to join them and i got scared. I clenched my fists and he walked through the energy field. Caitlin placed her hand on the back of his head and he fell to the ground and disintegrated into sparkles. Cole was rising from the floor, and she grabbed my hand. We burst out the door and made our way back to the school. He laughed and followed us. Mom found us on the way and drove us to the school. she said that this was never supposed to happen and the school was supposed to keep us safe. When we got there caitlin, corwin, and mom all stayed in the car as i got out. I asked them what they were doing and they looked at me with sad eyes. We can’t go with you anymore, they said, you have to do this alone. please save us okay? I ran into the school crying. I stopped in the middle of the ballroom where all of the bodies of the normal students lay dead. The evil people came rushing in and i screamed with my fists clenched, hands bleeding, eyes crying, and i screamed with all of my might. I killed them with my energy field all at once. they screamed in pain as i let my pain and sorrow flow from within me. I fainted from the exhaustion of doing that for so long. i collapsed with the pain of knowing i couldn’t save them. I couldn’t save any of them. I was left alone in the middle of a circle crying my eyes out. Cole came up to me and picked me up with his energy field. He looked at me with so much fear and curiosity in his eyes. I woke up in chains. I was sitting in a chair where i couldn’t move my hands. He entered the room. He brought up a deal. If i did everything he wanted I could save the people i loved. I could save my family, jacobie, and any of the other survivors. I sat there saying nothing. I looked at him with so much disgust. By saving them he meant killing them. Their salvation would be to die. I closed my eyes and began to cry again. My energy field grew. Melancholy music began to emanate from me. As i continued to cry i felt some sort of clothing being weaved from the energy. It replaced the hoodie that i had (looked like medusa’s from soul eater) with the ascendant armor i have in dragonfable. I opened my eyes and Cole was on the ground cowering in fear. I ran out of the room as he screamed and sent the evil people after me. Something overtook me and i ran to where my friends and family were being held. I cried out as I burst in and found them barely alive. I ran to jacobie and he smiled at me. He croaked you came back for me. Thank you. You’ve saved me, you saved all of us. His eyes glazed over and the souls of everyone floated from their bodies as they were fading to nothing but sparkles. All of them rushed toward me. I was crying so hard that my energy field expanded and killed everyone who had hurt me and the people i loved. the souls of them were with me all of the way. they cried tears of joy that i had come and saved them. they were finally free. I couldn’t help but scream i’m sorry. i wasn’t there in time to keep any of you from dying. I wasn’t there to heal you and make sure everyone was okay. I was too late. They all told me that they were happy and free, and that they would be with me in my heart no matter what i did. they would always love me and thank me for everything i did for them. for every smile i put on their faces. For every time i gave them hope. I ran to the roof of the building and met Cole. He was terrified that i would kill him, but i didn’t. I just looked at him and hugged him. He was astonished. After everything he put me through i hugged him. i showed him kindness even though he destroyed everything i had. He looked at me and my crying face and said that he had no regrets. He jumped off the roof bringing me with him. my energy field became wings on my back and i landed softly on the ground. His life force was fading and the my wings sang him to sleep. A delicate melody to end his suffering. He too became sparkles. I collapsed on the ground and jacobie materialized in front of me. slowly but surely everyone began appearing behind him. he crouched down and pulled my chin up. He smiled at me so brightly and so filled with love. You’re saying goodbye now aren’t you? All of you are going to leave? He shook his head and laughed. We’re moving on yes. But not saying goodbye. So please take some time out of your day to think of us--me--and know that we all love you so much. I began shaking as the tears poured down my cheeks. The clouds followed suit and i sat on the sidewalk alone with a pair of royal purple full on headphones in my hands. I put them on and listened to the soft melody left behind by those i held closest to my heart.

I cannot recall the build-up to the

I cannot recall the build-up to the event (if there was any build-up at all). All I can remember is seeing my younger brother chained to a wooden frame. He was anxious. His friend (Richard) approached him with an electronic cutting device and started cutting the skin and tissue away from the left side of my brother's face and neck, damaging nerves and blood vessels in the process. I don't know why, but I knew he was't trying to kill my brother. I wasn't sure why he was doing it. Although I can't remember my brother calling out for help at first (as he would obviously do in real life!), as the cutting went on my brother's voice was damaged and he was trying to call for help at that point (in a hoarse voice). Up until this point, I was completely powerless to intervene. I wasn't chained or tied up myself ... it was as though I wasn't actually there during the event, but had witnessed it ... a really strange feeling. And once Richard had stopped cutting and walked several yards away, I physically appeared. I went up close to my brother and spoke to him. He was still asking for help in a weak and hoarse voice. I asked him if he wanted me to kill him, to end his suffering. I remember feeling immensely upset and overwhelmed with pity for what my brother had just had to endure. He replied to my question, but his voice was too weak for me to understand what he was saying. Then I took the cutting tool myself and tried to cut his windpipe (which was almost visible) to end his life and shorten my brother's suffering. And for some reason I couldn't do it which is ridiculous (as I am a doctor), but I could not find the wind-pipe to sever it! Then I woke up worried sick for my brother ... I was in a cold sweat, my heart was racing. I even contemplated phoning him at 5 in the morning to make sure he was ok. The dream was so vivid, especially the emotions I was feeling during the dream. I hardly ever have nightmares and weirdly, if I do have them I usually enjoy them and find them entertaining. But this was completely different to any dream I had experienced. I didn't enjoy it one bit. It was really horrible.