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I had a dream last night that

I had a dream last night that I was in an unfamiliar house that I know is not mine in my mind but iin my dream it was mine . As I was walking into the back yard I opened the hardy and strong screen door that leads into the back yard . Outside it there were plants and shrubs with a wooden deck with stairs that lead down to the back yard. As soon as I walk out my dog runs past me as he always does in real life . I just it was almost simoustanley turned around my dog started barking because of a green ish brown snake was there. And he started to bark and try to attack it as the snake was trying to do the Same thing . So I sprung into action and help to defend and protect my beloved dog from getting bitten and injured . I was all so trying to attack it my self to get the snake to go away. I some how got my dog back into the house along with my self and closed the screen door. During this whole thing I was a little scared but got past it to protect my dog and attack the snake .. As soon as I closed a door a wild bunny appeared as it tried to get into my house I look at it with fear that it might get attack as well . The bunny turned around and it screamed in Fear . Again my instincts kick in regardless of what might happened to myself . I opened the door while holding my dog back so he does not get out side again . I opened the screen door trying to get the bunny inside the house to protect him but as soon as I opened the door the snake saw it and rushed to get inside. I shut the screen door as soon as the snakes head got into my house but I shut the door fast and closed it on his body almost two to three inches past his head . It reacted and pulled its body back . But the bunny was still there out there with the snake. Again I jump out side and closed the screen door behind me . I got I between the snake And The bunny and was defending the bunny from the snake. As it was now focused on. Me trying to get me now I got the bunny to get away . When I did that my family came out side. First it was my little 3 year old niece trying to come out side through the screen door as I was defending myself from the snake now. My got all the way out side and shut the door behind her too. Now I have some one else to protect and my mom suddenly came out side through anothe door leading to the back yard and walk to the side of the house where I was. Then I started to scream at them to get away that there is a snake. My mom asking me something that is as not paying attention too what she was saying . I guess she did not realized the situation that I was in I was pushing her yelling at her to get away from here. And my little nice was still in danger of the snake because she was the closet to it . I was still trying to defend the snake away protecting my family and my self from being bitten as it was trying to strike and hiss . I got the back screen door that I can out of open . I remember being scared and panicking while at the same time my instincts to protect and defend everything I loved. With bravery to do some that's is scary . My nice was trying to fight me like a little kid and wanting to stay outside not knowing the situation that she was in . I was pushing her back into the house hold my niece pushing back trying to outside. I was pushed she hard to get her back in the house that she fell over hitting her head on the door way I just keep pushing her to get back in. As I finally got her back inside the house she did not get hurt nor did she cry that she hit her head . While all this is still going I did not see my dog anymore as he retreated back in the house where it was safe. I shut the sort being my niece to prtect them from the snake getting inside the house and then she diiapeared from Site as she walk further away from the screen door into the house . I successfully protected the my dog bunny and 3 year old niece from the snake. All that was left now was my mom who was not paying attention to the situation I was pushing her to go away to prtect her from the snake the snake was still hissing and striking at me. We finally got distance away from the snake I believe it was about 1 or 2 yards away and I finally woke up from my dream. I protected my family my beloved pet dog a wild bunny that finally got away from the snake. That happened right before my nice and mom came around almost same time. Then I woke up , It was about 2:00 - 2:15 am when I awoke.... I am trying to examine my dream but do not know what it means.

My neighbors across the hall from me

My neighbors across the hall from me in my apartment. In my dream they have a baby about 10-15 months old that is addicted to cigarettes. The baby is somehow in my apartment smoking and I'm about to grab her/him to bring him back home. The mother is there, in my living room smirking and lights a cigarette for the baby and gives it to the baby. My apartment has a different layout that what I actually live in. Entrance door leads directly into a small living room. My old bookshelf on the wall looking to the left if you enter the apartment. On the far left wall and the wall across are two old ratty couches. The neighbors still have the bratty daughter that they have in real life, but also have a cat in my dream that tore open the top of my couch on the far left/back wall and likes to sleep inside the couch. I had to force the cat out and grab him while he is hissing and trying to bite me. I took my had to squish the head to keep him from biting me, and threw him across the room where he ran out.

Its hard to remember what happens before

Its hard to remember what happens before the giant snake appears. Its dark, but light enough to see, I hear a hissing from under my feet look down and see a giant snake slowly coiling around me and squeezing me tighter and tighter. Then a dark and beautiful figures appears and mocks me while I die. He moves swiftly towards me, inches from my face, opens his mouth to say something but I always wake up before he can, sometimes though when I open my eyes... he's still there for half a second...

I was running to get to one

I was running to get to one destination from another. as i was coming to the end of the journey i decided to take a shortcut but as i got further down the path, a cat wouldn't let me pass, hissing and forcing me back until i had to go the long route

My dream was where I was laying

My dream was where I was laying on the grass puking up hissing cock roaches and black worms which were also coming out of my skin.

Im a man and had a dream

Im a man and had a dream that i was walking with my dead brother along a dirt road and on our right side of the road were many rattle snakes hissing and looking at us,but they didnt bother us and we were unafraid