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in my dream from what i remember

in my dream from what i remember i was in a house with a girl, we weren't suppose to be in this house at this time and we were climbing up ladders to get to higher levels of the house, we eventually got to what im guessing was the attic or top floor where this thermal camera caught my attention, it was just lying in an open case. i picked it up tested it out and put it in my back and went to leave, i don't exactly remember leaving the house but i had a text message off an old friend i don't really speak to anymore saying something like " in not going to slate you but did you steal this thing from me" so in the dream he knew it was me, the dream changed after that and i was in a house with everyone i see on the regular, it just seemed we were on holiday or something and the guy accusing me of stealing in the dream was there too but made no contact with me as every time i saw him he was ether leaving or walking into a room

I am in a 3 year relationship

I am in a 3 year relationship with my partner now. And my dream is scattered, i never remember my dream. But this one stuck in my head. Somehow i ended up spending time with an ex-girlfriend on her holiday. that i was also with for around the 3 years mark. It was like i was the 3rd wheel with her and her friend but it was like i was friendly with my ex again, like nothing had ever happened. And throughout the dream she and her friend (also an attractive female)were hinting on a 3some and i kept putting it off. Then at the end of the dream my ex girlfriend kissed me whilst we were on the couch. Then out of nowhere a random guy shows up and starts kissing my ex aswel. And her friend calls me to her and i sit beside her. Kiss her neck. Then turns out shes got a dick. Then i bail on the sex and wake up. Pretty weird..

I was talking to this guy who

I was talking to this guy who I met 9 months ago, and we were really close. It was in the chip shop, and as we were leaving (because I met this guy on holiday, he was one of the entertainers) he began to cry. So I ran out of the car and hugged him in which he lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. He put me down and told me he didn't want me to leave him again. He then told me that we was going to go on holiday that night to Mexico. Just me and him. He then whispered in my ear 'and we will be married tonight'. It then time jumped to my house and we were packing my bags. Half way through he proposed to me. I said no because I was too young anyway and he cried. I explained to him that I loved him and we went to Mexico.


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