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I was watching a man film a

I was watching a man film a birthday message for his son as he has cancer. Then I was with a group of people at a county fair watching horses and cows, there were food carts around me. The group walked through a crowd of people and came to en empty car park. The spaces were reserved for "(the year) 1946 enthusiasts and homeless people." We walked through the car park towards a dark building. I waved to my parents who were sitting at a table and continued on into the building. A young man walked past me and told his friends he would catch up, he had to do something first. I watched his eyes as he started watching the video message his father was recording at the start of my dream. At the end, I heard 3 loud pops and woke up knowing his father had shot himself as he was already dying

Business Person To dream of a business

Business Person To dream of a business person represents an aspect of yourself that is well organized, adept, or an expert in thinking a certain way. An area of your life where you are well read, serious, or capable of being very sophisticated. Homeless Person To dream of a homeless person represents an aspect of your personality that has experienced total failure. An area of your life that you have totally lost control of or that's completely powerless. Alternatively, being homeless in a dream may reflect anxiety about financial hardship or low confidence in your future. Example: A man dreamed of being surrounded by homeless people. In waking life he had just lost a competition at his work place and lost out on a opportunity to be promoted. Example 2: A young woman dreamed seeing a homeless man with his hands out begging. In waking life she was dumped by her boyfriend and would have done anything to have him back. Example 3: A woman dreamed of being homeless. In waking life she was pregnant and having anxiety about going broke supporting the baby. Dead Body To dream of a dead body represents feeling about an area of your life that has completely changed. It may also reflect a loss or sense of failure. A transition or ending. Positively, a dead body may represent negative aspects of your personality or negative situations that have been successfully confronted. You have stood up to something or resisted negative influences. The end of an era. Negatively, a dead body may represent positive aspects of your personality that have been overcome by negative emotions or situations. A mistake or failure may have spoiled an area of your life. The end of a relationship or something happy in your life. Feeling replaced. Feelings about experiencing a permanent loss of some kind. Feeling that there is nothing left you can do to keep a situation going. To dream of trying to hide

I dreamed bitcoin and other crypto all

I dreamed bitcoin and other crypto all crashed and the streets were full of homeless crooks and libertarians dressed in rags and begging for food