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Dream that my pastor looked old and

Dream that my pastor looked old and when I introduced my brother while holding hands with him but he didn’t know that it was really my brother and my pastor looked extremely old and ugly like a dead corpse his face but after they shook hands and smiled he turned back to his original face but then looked old again when they were both playing chess

I dreamt a dude touched my chest

I dreamt a dude touched my chest and then I slapped him across the face,he then looked at me shocked and slapped my butt.I was so upset and I threw a punch in his direction,but he kept dodging them ,as if he was a fighter himself. My punches also felt very weak and I was feeling very embarrassed in the dream while fighting. Then at the end of the fight we shook hands . I was so confused cuz I was defending myself but now it seemed like a friendly fight??

I was walking in one of the

I was walking in one of the streets in the capital city of my country with my mum and big sister, as we As we were walking I left them standing on the footpath of the street and walk up to the canteen to buy a snack, suddenly when I was on my way to meet my mum and sister, I saw my girlfriend approaching towards where my mum and sister were standing. Without hesitation I excitedly run to her and shook hands with her we talk and continue with a walk. Me and my girlfriend were walking in the front and my sister and mum was walking behind us. As we were continuing with our walk, suddenly one girl which is my Crush at this moment showed up at scene and was telling me to put the slippers on my feet. That’s all

My teeth fell out.first 3 of em.

My teeth fell out.first 3 of em. Then I showed my boyfriend my hand where I caught them and was so embarrassed. The like all of em fel out. He jus shook his head and like kinda laughed at me and jus turned away from me. My boyfriend met a few of my family members for the first time borrowed money and lost it the next day but didn't tell me. I only found out cuz my cousin asked him where the money was.

In the dream it was me and

In the dream it was me and him at this park on top of a very big mountain with clouds all around , me and him were sitting down on a bench with a table , he had a black shirt , gray shorts and some vans with his hair combed to the side and a water bottle with him , he was literally in-front of me physically alive once again and I remember we hugged each other when I saw him and I asked him “how is it in heaven?” What’s it like? Are you in a better place now?” He responded “it’s nice bro everyone cares about you and checks up on you” he also told me “don’t be sad bro one day you all will be with me, I’m watching over y’all” he had 5 minutes to talk with me before his time was up. We remained sitting down and laughing for a while .Towards the end his time was up and a white path way to the sky opened up and he told me “I’ve got to go bro” I shook his hands and told him “I’m always here for you bro” he smiled then ran to the white pathway and flew to the sky. I walked away feeling at peace in shock knowing I had just seen him again , then I woke up

I was hanging out with Johnathan at

I was hanging out with Johnathan at the football field again like I did last night, and he and I were getting closer than we’ve been and started talking and Landon and I had gone together because he and I were apparently really close and he left to do something. He finally showed up again and we were just hanging out with him and later he drags me away and pushes me under the bleachers and left me there and im yelling “Landon, you cant leave me here!” And he yelled back “you’ll be fine!” So I yell back to him “you know I can just leave, right?!” And he yells back to me “you’re not allowed to leave yet!” And he walks away. He comes back a few minutes later dragging Johnathan who’s asking where I went and Landon pushes him under the bleachers with me and leaves us. And Johnathan yells at him “Landon, you cant just leave us here!” And Landon yells back “Yeah I can!” And I yell at him “Landon, you cant leave me here!” And he yells back “Yeah I can! You came here with me so yeah I can!” And I just stop and stare at him and turn to Johnathan and look at him to see his reaction. And Landon stops and turns around and yells “Yall cant leave yet so yall stay under there until yall figure out how to settle the tension between the both of yall!” And he leaves us there and Johnathan just stares after him and I look up at Johnathan and he turns to me and stared at me for a minute before he asked “What was that about?” And I shook my head and didnt say anything and walked over to one of the poles holding the bleachers up and leaned against it. He turned to watch where I was going and followed me and stood in front of me. I asked him “You got your vape?” And he nodded and pulled it out. “Can I…” I started before he interrupted me. “You shouldnt but I’ll let you.” He said and he handed me the vape. We just started talking while we vaped and after a few minutes I got tired of vaping and looked at him and asked “Johnathan do you like anyone?” And he just stared at me and stated laughing slightly but said “Uh yeah. I like someone.” So I asked him “Who?” And he said “Cant say.” And I just looked at him and said “Why not?” And he said “Because I cant tell you.” And I asked “Why cant you tell me? It’s not like I can say anything or tell anyone. Why would I? Do you not trust me?” And he looked at me and said “Katie, it’s not that I dont trust you or think you’ll tell anyone, it’s that I’m honestly scared of what you’ll think and say.” I just look up at him and look into his eyes and reach out my hand and touch his shoulder and say “Johnathan, whatever it is, whoever it is, I wont say anything bad about them.” And he looks down at me and walks closer to me and I back up a little and he says “Fine. You wanna know who it is?” And I nod and he says “It’s you, Katie. I like you.” And I stare at him in shock and after a minute I say “Johnathan, why? Why do you like me? Im not pretty, confident, popular, or anything. Im below average height for a fourteen year old. Im underweight for an average fourteen year old. And nobody really likes me….” I start before he interrupts me and says “I do, Katie! I like you! I don’t care that you’re not popular or confident or that you’re below average height or underweight for an average fourteen year old! You’re beautiful Katie! And I like you! Ok?! I like you!” And I just stared at him because with each word he stepped closer to me and I stepped back. I looked at him and said “Johnathan, im not beautiful. Im not. Nobody thinks i am anyway.” He slid his arms around my waist and held me close to him and looked at me and said “You are beautiful, Katie. You are absolutely beautiful. I think you’re beautiful. Whoever doesn’t think you are is just jealous.” And he looked at me and stared into my eyes and leaned down to whisper in my ear and whispered “I really like you Katie.” And I just shook my head and said “Johnathan, no you dont. You think you do but you dont. Nobody likes me. Nobody should like me anyway. Especially you. I just end up hurting the people I love and care about. You dont….” I started but he interrupted me by pushing me against the pole we were leaning against earlier and towering over me and said “I do. I. Like. You. Katie. I like you.” And as he said this his eyes kept flickering from my eyes to my lips and I nodded when I got what he was silently asking. He leaned down and brushed his lips against mine softly and then I pressed my lips against his more firmly and he slid his arms around my waist and gripped my hips and I slid my arms around neck and leaned up and he pushed me against the pole more to keep me from falling. When we pulled away for air, we were both panting and he looked down at me and into my eyes and I looked up at him and into his eyes and he said “Katie, I do like you. So please stop saying I dont and that nobody likes you because I like you and you are beautiful. And I want to ask, will you be my girlfriend?” And I just stare him and nod because im at a loss for words after the kiss. We then hear someone clear their throat and look over and see Landon standing there with an amused but unhappy look. He looks at us and says “That’s not exactly what I had in mind when I said figure out what to do about the tension between yall but it works.” And I blush and hide my face in Johnathan’s chest and he laughs and so does Landon. Johnathan looked down at me and smiled and Landon looked us and looked at Johnathan and said “Yall are cute together but if you hurt her it wont end well!” And Johnathan looked up at him and nodded. Landon walked up to us and hugged me and said he’d be back later and that Johnathan and I could leave from under the bleachers now.

I was in my living room and

I was in my living room and i saw a semi famous person sitting at my table with one of his songs playing in the background it felt like i actually saw him i asked him a question about the sing in the background i asked “is this hellboy” he shook his head and said yeah