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I dreamt of being a pilot of

I dreamt of being a pilot of a choopper, but suddenly a lady bumped in and took control with a co-pilot whom looked on the side. I feel from the chopper and held on a tree. Three men came looking for me of which one wore an illuminated clothes. The chopper then went and crushed on several vehicles with a fatal ending.

I was in a c4 corvette stripped

I was in a c4 corvette stripped bare to nothing but a rollcage and a small block chevy with a manual transmission. I used it to run from jerry who was a part time police officer who was driving a crown vic. I whooped his butt. When I was almost to langley which I was transporting information to my tire blew cause i did to many burnouts. eventually jerry caught up and i was just walking along the side of the road when i seen him a flood of cars just appeared when i looked back and i jumped on top of a nyc taxi and I ran all the way up the traffic jam when i kicked some guy off a ducati monster when i took off and never looked back until jerry yelled look out i looked behind me and when i looked back the road disappeared and i was falling off a cliff.

I dreamt that I was at a

I dreamt that I was at a school. I teach for a living, so assume I was working there. Staff and the students were on the play ground. It seems we were waiting for dismissal. We heard a rumbling sound, like thunder, coming from the right of us. Bright lights were coming from that direction too. The next thing I knew, a group of Native Americans on horse back (white horses) came toward us in formation. It was almost like a stampede but no one got hurt. All the horses and Native Americans followed the same path, circularing the school, hooping and hollaring. Then, they were gone over the same direction from which they came. Students, staff and I quickly found shelter and began to find ways to get out of there. Many students left on busses. I finally found my car but admist of the parking lot were people attempting to break in and steal the cars. One of them had my hood open. I got in, locked the doors, started the car and took off. I got half way down Morrow Mtn when I decided to stop to lower the hood. the next thing I knew, spears were being thrown. I began to run.

My dream was about a bald headed

My dream was about a bald headed man who was trying to control my little brother with headphones. And, a p;air of mexican twins in Tennesse where We on a basketball court and I tried to shoot the ball into the hoop, when the ball hit the backbroad the whole wall ehind it started melting like some Freddy Couger shit or something

Kidnapped by mexicans (dark skinned ethnic men)

Kidnapped by mexicans (dark skinned ethnic men) held in a house, with my dad and another young guy (age 18-25). Escaped by running through my "dream" neighborhood (a neighborhood that reoccurs in my dreams, it is made of of bits and pieces of all the places I've lived), Was in a house with open windows and open doors, ran into the garage with 2 cars in it. one was a sporty type of car and the other a long 1970's hoopy that was lime green that I had to turn it around and kept getting stuck doing a 3 point turn. I kept yelling at my dad to come help me rescue my little brothers (who were age 1-5 in the dream, they are actually age 22 and 24.) but my dad would not help. I woke up before I could get the car out the garage. I woke up very angry and upset.