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I was at school and my ex

I was at school and my ex was there and some old faces too and I was just walking around campus and meeting everyone and then I was in the cafeteria area alone with just my ex having a private meal and he was acting stupid and I was acting normal and he had this thing and it mocked me and then the scene changed to me opening a door for some girl and a celebrity and then going around campus to find out i lost my backpack and notebook to me looking for it and finding out where it was, from my full real name being announced; I was thinking shit some people don't know my name, as I go by MilaToro for my job in real life right now. And it got announced on the school speaker by a teacher for all to hear; along with my and age that I'm going to be next year and I franticly went to the room and the teacher was there on the steps to enter the classroom and he saw me and gave gave me my stuff and to find out it wasn't my notebook that someone else had it and i thought it was my ex who had it but i kept the notebook anyway. As I’m walking away I told the girl next to me and told her well it's filled with math notes i midst well keep it as i can learn from it. Then it jumped form the school campus grounds to urban ranch styled homes and bulls in the grass fields. I was I guess still looking for my notebook and to the left of the grassy fields was the school outside campus, I was running from street to campus walkways to the grass fields and somehow ended up being chased by multiple bulls and running to jump over the gate into the flowers to be safe the bull was so close to smashing me. It's ironic because the bull I was thinking in my dream was a representation of me , because my horoscope is a Taurus and I'm in the month of May right now in real life and my birthday is 6 days away. Anyway I never finished the area because then I woke up.

My dream start I was walking outside

My dream start I was walking outside In I see my older kid Michael the I was at home with my kids and my ex In was dying of cancer as I was talking to my ex lying down in bed I passed away but I resurrected the next day in as I was walking outside around the.house these female neighbors saw me in run scare then the male neighbors see me in also run scare then I was inside my house.with the same neighbors in they where fine with me been resurrected so I starter playing with the male neighbors which he was older with long with hair we where playing with the water hose then I run outside welling to the sky telling god thank u god as I do these the stars starring dancing and forming triangle's and squares the horoscope sign then I go inside the house in as I walk in I see in abundance of food and other material things the I see these big glass cabinet with battles of wine of different kind and different places