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I was dreaming that my ex partner

I was dreaming that my ex partner had a new partner and baby, his partner and baby were said to be of another race, but were not upon seeing them and upon the discovery of the child I began to beat him up for neglecting the child which we have. He did not fight back and eventually ran off, his mother and brother were also in the dream and I began to verbally abuse his mother for being a hypocrite and contradictory and they all left i spent the duration of the dream trying to get out the building I was in.

I am in a church, I see

I am in a church, I see a female preacher, an old woman in the pulpit. I am at the altar as organ music is played by a woman with red hair. I feel there are hypocrites in the church. I pray and pick up a bible. I stand up and smell perfume. I look over and see a man wearing a red jacket and pink shirt holding a bottle of my perfume. We miss a bus and wait for the next, it is a sunny afternoon